WWDC 2007

WWDC 2007: Leopard’s new Finder Video

The visual glitz factor in Leopard is definitely high, with traditional tools like search being augmented with alternative views such as CoverFlow. There’s already been some discussion about whether this is merely eye-candy or has some real value to the power-user, but you can decide for yourself with SlashGear’s video from the WWDC Keynote.


Undoubtedly live previews of documents, presentations, video and music direct from the Finder pane are impressive, but I can understand some people doubting its real usefulness. Personally I think it’s just a further example of how integrated search can be into a system, and of how Apple are attempting to cater for more than the traditional style of browsing; more choice is seldom a bad thing.

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WWDC 2007: iChat media sharing & real-time effects Video

Continuing our video footage from WWDC07, here’s Apple’s Phil Schiller demonstrating the new features of Leopard’s iChat instant-messaging software. The focus here is definitely on better communication and streamlining the way information is exchanged; in the first half of the demo we see the photo, video and document sharing – as easy as dragging a spreadsheet, say, into the iChat window – while in the second half it’s a more lighthearted look at iChat’s real-time video processing effects.


The Star Wars holograph effect is particularly impressive – I love that occasional shimmer!

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WWDC 2007: Safari 3 head-to-head with IE7 Video

In a Keynote heavily dominated by Apple’s next incarnation of OS X, one of the things that we can take away and play with today is the beta of Safari 3 which is now also available for Windows. Check out SlashGear’s video of Jobs’ demo, pitting Safari against IE7 and proving that their new browser is twice as fast as Microsoft’s finest.


The Safari 3 beta is available to download from www.apple.com/safari

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WWDC 2007: Leopard’s Core Animation Video

One of the more visually interesting parts of Apple’s Leopard demo was the new Core Animation functionality, which joins existing Core Audio, Image and Video features and makes animating text, images, video and OpenGL simple. Take a look at SlashGear’s video from the Keynote, and get ready to gasp and spontaneously applaud along with the audience at the awesome live media preview demo.


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WWDC 2007 : Keynote Transcript

[09:06 AM] We are here! Keynote is less than an hour away

[09:46 AM] 15 minutes to WWDC kick off – the crowd is packing in!

[09:57 AM] Announcement – presentation begins in two minutes!!!!

[10:01 AM] lights dim…silence..total darkness now

[10:02 AM] mac versus pc commercial with voice of steve jobs but it’s the pc dude


WWDC 2007: Safari comes to Windows!

With 18 million users of Safari to date, Apple is looking to bring some of its browser sunshine to dreary Windows boxes. At the WWDC today Jobs announced that Safari will run on both Windows XP and Vista, and not only run but storm along. In on-stage demos version 3 of the browser was shown to run twice as fast as IE7, with iBench html performance tests showing scores of 4.6 and 2.2 seconds for IE7 and Safari respectively, while Javascript performance came in at 2.4 seconds and 0.9 seconds respectively.

Both Google and Yahoo! search are built in, and there’s an upgrade to tabbed browsing which not only allows you to drag tabs around but also to pull them out of the browser and into a new window. As a bit of a kick in the teeth to the popular Firefox 2 browser, Safari was also shown to be 1.6 times faster.

If you want to try this new beta then you can download it at www.apple.com/safari

WWDC 2007: iPhone 3rd party apps to be Safari-based

WWDC 2007: iPhone 3rd party apps to be Safari-based

Confirming that the iPhone will launch at 6pm on June 29th, Apple have given opportunity-hungry developers some news about how they'll be able to code for the covetable handset. Based on the full Safari engine in iPhone you'll be able to write Web 2.0 applications that work just like hard-coded apps on the phone, integrating with cellular services and fully secure, without an SDK necessary.

Being html and AJAX based means instant distribution is possible; all you need are web standards. Testing can be done in Safari on your desktop, then simply transferred to the iPhone.  As an example, Jobs demonstrated several applications running in Safari on an iPhone: a custom corporate address book database which used ldap and took less than one person-month of coding time (and in fact just 600 lines of code), contacts from which could be dialled direct as if from the iPhone contacts. Both the Apple and the custom applications looked identical, and each were able to access other iPhone functionality such as Google Maps.

Expect to see big names such as Salesforce and Google using this system to provide iPhone software shortly after launch!

WWDC 2007: New Leopard features shown

Apple took the opportunity at today’s WWDC keynote to demonstrate ten new Leopard features. The highly-anticipated OS upgrade comes after the runaway success of OS X Tiger, with two-thirds of machines running that system. Apparently Leopard will introduce more than 300 new features.

First off, Jobs showed the new Leopard desktop with a narrower dock and it and the menu bar being transparent. Desktop stacks are newly tidied, either fanning out from the dock or popping up in a grid; there’s a default stack called “downloads” which sticks in place. Each new document defaults to the front of the stack, and you can put applications there too and use stacks as an app-launcher.


WWDC 2007: id Games to come to Mac

WWDC 2007: id Games to come to Mac

Not only have Electronic Arts signed up to bring a brace of titles to the Mac, but id Games are also bringing their titles to the Apple stable. The key here is incredibly real textures and graphics - 20gb texture maps and and unlimited ability to manipulate those textures on an object with little to no performance slow-down.

More details as we get them!

Remember, SlashGear is running a Live Webcast of the WWDC 2007 Keynote - check it out!

SlashGear at WWDC 2007: Mac gaming just got serious

It looks like Apple are putting to bed any of those “but you can’t play games on a Mac” criticisms – thanks to a partnership with Electronic Arts big titles such as Command and Conquer 3, Battlefield 2142, Need For Speed Carbon and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released for Intel-powered Macs, with a simultaneous release of all four titles in July.

Jobs and EA co-founder Bing Gordon demonstrated the 3D gaming in Harry Potter, with fully immersive environments. Tiger Woods 2008 and Madden 2008 will also launch soon, and you’ll be able to create YouTube-style videos of your high-scores.

Check back later for screenshots!

Remember, SlashGear is running a Live Webcast of the WWDC 2007 Keynote – check it out!

Less than an hour to WWDC 2007!

It’s WWDC 2007 time, and don’t forget that SlashGear will be Live Blogging the Keynote with our man on the ground, Vincent Nguyen, trying not to drool over any new announcements.  It’s a sunny day in downtown San Francisco – let’s hope Steve has brought along some hot gadgets!


WWDC 2007 : SlashGear is ready! Are you? – Live Webcast

WWDC 2007 : SlashGear is ready! Are you? – Live Webcast

We are shipping Vincent on priority overnight to WWDC 2007. We packed him very carefully with padded box, and insured him on the airbill. Joke aside, SlashGear will be there to report from the floor of WWDC 2007 and brings you live updates of WWDC 2007 keynote.

Our new SlashGear Live Webcast (live blogging system) will keep you updated as the keynote progress. You will NOT need to reload (refresh) your browser at all once you are on the live webcast page. As soon as our Vincent enters the keynote updates, your browser will instantly display the updated transcripts.

The keynote will starts at 10 a.m PST or 12 p.m CST on Monday June 11th and all transcripts output will display PST timestamp.

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