Wooden Mouse takes a tech step backwards

I was under the impression that new products where supposed to be more advanced but I guess I was wrong. This wooden mouse falls into what I’d called “novelty items”.


Codename Splinter: it’s a wooden car some graduate students are working on

Clearly I haven’t been alone all these years in wondering why we don’t make cars out of wood as some graduate students are actually going to give it a go. I can imagine some logistical problems such as the density of wood, the ease with which it breaks, and its lack of ability to stand up to the elements on its own, but I think they can figure something out.


Giant NES controller PC, not for mass manufacturing

Some Swedish students made this case mod for a class where they were given a $300 budget. That means the actual PC components must suck, but the case is hella cool.


Sphaeron Excalibur puts a large marching band in your living space

If you ever thought a tuba and a baritone’s horns would make good speakers, it turns out you were right. As proven by these speakers enclosing 4 subwoofers and a ceiling-high box and then letting what literally looks like the bells from those two instruments be the only outlet for sound, you get some amazing sound quality.


Geneva Model M launched today

For those of you not in the know, Geneva is well known for making wood-enclosed audio systems for iPods. And they must be pretty amazing at it considering their Model XL costs $1275 and their Model L costs $699 and they are still in business.

Their biggest selling point is the wood enclosure, not because it looks cool, but for what it does for the sound coming out of the system. I honestly think the only music that doesn’t benefit from the sound improvements offered by wood enclosures might be Techno/Trance and stuff of that sort, which is good music, but due to the nature of it, it doesn’t sound better from the softening and smoothness that a wood enclosure offers.


Swedx Tree-V made from wood

Just when you thought those blasted environmentalists had enough things to complain about when it comes to home theater equipment manufacturing processes, someone has to go and kill a tree to make a TV. Swedx is the company, now they say that this is actually more environmentally friendly because they are naturally sustainable resources, but I think they are forgetting the length of time required to grow a big enough tree to be able to cut those large pieces of wood out of it.

I am no mathematician, but if I had to guess, that TV won’t even last a tenth of the time it will take to grow a large enough tree to make another. Anyways, these wooden TV’s will be sold in the UK at Curry’s and Dixon’s, well, the 19-inch models will be.


Axiom Audiobyte – it’s been called the Bentley of PC speakers

Personally, if I create a device, and it’s the best there is, I don’t want it likened to a Bentley, in the car world, that’s small potatoes, liken my product to a McLaren F1, a Bugatti Veyron, or a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, not a Bentley. Then again, these don’t really appear to be even in the Bentley league, maybe the BMW of the audio world.

In fact these look like that house on the corner that used to be condemned but someone came along and threw a new paint job on it and is now selling it for a small fortune. These speakers claim to be of audiophile quality, and it sounds like they are even trying to compare their product to those $400 Bose PC speakers, but they look quite cheap.


LG Shine Wood LB2005H

It’s a new addition to the LG Shine lineup, a LG Shine with a stainless steel cover that is etched to look like wood. Really it looks pretty nice, but sadly it appears to only be available in Korea.

Other features include DMB-TV, a two-megapixel camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth (hopefully with A2DP support), and an Electronic Dictionary. That’s a pretty good list of features for a clamshell.


Hacoa Wooden Keyboards

So they tried this once and it didn’t work, probably because it doesn’t look any higher quality than taking the tiles from a Scrabble game and gluing them to your current keyboard. Then again it could have been the $400 price tag.

Well they are giving it another go with kits this time. That’s right, you get a discount of about $110 off of that $400 price tag, but the catch is you have to put it together yourself.


Wooden Phone Made in Russia, Looks Great

I know that as a country we have come to be accustomed to the skinniest cell phones possible, but sometimes sacrificing a little extra girth for a true work of art is worth it. That is the case with this wooden cell phone from Russia.

You can tell from the pictures, everything except the buttons and screen has been replaced with wood. I am sure that if the creator has some way of fitting all that tiny font on those small pieces of wood for the keypad he probably would have replaced those too.


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