Wacom broaden appeal with entry-level touchscreen display

If you’re serious about electronic art, Wacom will happily reassure you, you’ll have a Cintiq display.  For years now the drool-inducing mega-displays have woo’d artists and handwriting lovers alike, inciting as much awe over the specs as horror at the ultra-heavy price tag.  So what about the serious artists who are also poor?  Well, Wacom have decided to throw them a bone too, with the introduction of the PL-521.



Mac Tablet announced — by Axiotron and OWC

Mac Tablet announced — by Axiotron and OWC

Axiotron and OWC have teamed up to produce a tablet that uses Mac OS X. The "ModBook" will use technology from WACOM that allows you to take advantage of the Inkwell technology inside of Mac OS X. No pictures of it have been released as of yet.

GPS will also be included, with the SiRFstar 3 chipset. This thing will cost a lot of money! Mac tablets have been created before by other companies, but cost a lot of money, and were only done on a custom basis. This is the first time that a tablet will be mass-produced that has OS X on it. It is going to be released at Macworld on the 9th, so stayed tuned, as we have live coerage as it unfolds!

ModBook Press Release [Via: Axiotron]

Brush up your Manga skills with Wacom

It was the Barenaked Ladies who sang about Manga classic Sailor Moon “the cartoon has got the boom anime babes who make me think the wrong thing”, and I’d like to imagine that graphics tablet-masters Wacom had them in mind when putting together their limited edition Favo Comic Pack.

A set containing a white Graphire4 A6-sized pen tablet, software such as Manga Studio Debut 3.0 and Corel Painter Essentials2, and online resources such as downloadable project files, it’s available in European markets for £74.99 ($142.62).

Wacom press release [via UberGizmo]

Wacom introduce entry-level widescreen graphics tablet

If you’re serious about art and you use a computer then it’s pretty likely that you’ll have come across some Wacom hardware before now.  They’re famous in their industry for precision and ease of use, with cordless, battery-free pens offering 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, various programmable buttons and touch-strips around the bezel, and a variety of sizes to suit different needs and budgets.



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