Blackbird 02 by HP and VooDoo

So let me start by first stating, this is a mammoth machine, with some pretty top end specs and an amazingly beautiful appearance. Now, let’s get onto the specs of this beast.

The case is a giant heat sink that can support up to 600 pounds and weighs 70+ pounds. It is made entirely from cast and stamped aluminum. The side panel has hinges and a gasket on the side panel to reduce noise pollution. The case and its components allow for tool-less maintenance, just about everything is removable and serviceable without tools, even the CPU, GPU, and HDDs. Made to be user-serviced with its task lighting and easy to remove side panels.


ENVY H:171 from Voodoo PC – The ultimate desktop replacement

If you’re one that absolutely cannot part with your gaming rig for any amount of time, Voodoo PC might just have the laptop for you. While laptops aren’t exactly known for their abilities in the gaming realm, Voodoo has been in the gaming PC business for a while.


VoodooPC has a new flagship – the Quad-Core OMEN!

Okay, so hands up everyone who wondered if, after HP bought them, high-end gaming rig manufacturer VoodooPC would get soft.  They’ve always been known for putting together uncompromising power-house machines – and charging uncompromising prices to boot – so has the HP keep-it-commercial corporate culture taken over?  By the look of their new OMEN PC, resplendant with its Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core processor, I’d say that they’re doing a pretty good job of staving off the middle-age spread.


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