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Video of the Day – makes the worst commercial ever

Today’s video is probably one of the worst commercials for a website that I’ve ever seen. Mind you, this isn’t something seen only on the web, someone actually let them air this on network television. I thought this kind of crap would end when the dot com bubble burst.


Video of the Day – Top Ten Video Game Weapons

Today’s Video of the Day tackles a lingering question on every gamer’s mind. “What is the best in-game weapon of all time?” The video is about a year old, so you won’t find anything from this year’s games. I think they did a really good job of covering all of the bases.


Video of the Day – Chad Vader

Video of the Day – Chad Vader

Today's Video of the Day has been around for a little while, but it is nevertheless worth watching. It's a small internet series called Chad Vader. It features Darth Vader's lesser-known brother Chad. If you enjoy the first one, you should really seek out the other 7 episodes.

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Video of the Day – Defcon Badge

Todays Video of the Day features someone demonstrating the badge from Defcon 2007. I’m not sure how someone could take something as cool as this badge and make a video so boring from it. The money shot is at the end though. He tells you about the other cool stuff you can do with it.

Remember, send in your favorite videos from around the interweb. They don’t need to necessarily be funny, just something that you think we’d all enjoy.

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