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Android Firmware 1.0 apparently running on Qualcomm handset: Video Demos

Android Firmware 1.0 apparently running on Qualcomm handset: Video Demos

Qualcomm had a single Android development prototype on the CTIA Wireless 2008 show floor this week, on an edge-of-booth stand with little to no signage.  We stopped by to check out the progress of the Google-backed platform and see how far the reference design had come; in the process, we came across what appears to be confirmation that the device was running Android firmware version 1.0.  Since this version hadn't yet been spotted in the wild, and some of the apps have only been seen in images, we thought we'd shoot video walkthroughs of the settings, browser, IM client, H.264 video player, and Quake which is now playable on the handset.

Seven demo videos of what looks to be Android Firmware 1.0 after the cut

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AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR upgrade adds whole-house HD

AT&T has unveiled the latest update to their U-verse IP system, Total Home DVR.  The system will allow the playback of recorded content – in standard and high-definition – not only on a U-verse DVR but up to seven connected TVs.  Playback can follow viewers around the house, pausing on one screen and resuming it on another, or alternatively multiple, independent viewings can be watched on separate TVs.

Check out the demonstration videos of U-verse Total Home DVR after the cut


SlashGear hands-on at Microsoft Surface Blogger Day 2: More Video!

If you read the first part of our Microsoft Surface Blogger Day report, you’ll know that SlashGear has been hanging out with the Seattle company’s nifty MultiTouch table.  You’ve hopefully had a chance to watch the videos of Surface in action – exploring cellphone details, playing multi-user games, exploring media and more – and, if you’re anything like the rest of us, are getting more and more curious about how Microsoft plan on integrating what they’ve learnt from the project into Windows 7.

Multiple videos from the event after the cut!


SlashGear hands-on at Microsoft Surface Blogger Day 1: Video demo

Vincent has been hanging out with Microsoft at their latest Surface Blogger Event, getting hands-on with the company’s MultiTouch table.  All of the user experiences we’ve heard about over the past few months were out on show, including the Rio iBar gaming, entertainment browser and virtual mini-bar, and AT&T’s in-store use of Surface as a phone information and accessory tool.  They also demonstrated some of the table’s other talents, including its ability to photograph and display, in real-time, anything placed onto it – whether that be money, a drink or even a blogger’s face!

Check out the exclusive hands-on video with Microsoft’s Surface after the cut


Nintendo Wii Fit US launch: Video Unboxing & First Impressions

Nintendo’s Wii Fit has finally launched in the US today, and we practically snatched it from the hands of the mailman (he’s pretty used to it) to shoot a video unboxing for you.  We’ll be attempting to recover our sense of balance and put the innovative controller through its paces for a review later, but hands-on first impressions are good.  Rated for up to 300lbs, the Wii Fit may be plastic but it feels sturdy and reassuring and the four non-slip feet are promising for use on wooden floors.

Check out the Wii Fit unboxing video after the cut


Sega Toys Yume Neko Smile robot cat gets vocal upgrade

Colour me smitten, Sega Toys have updated their awesome Yume Neko Smile robotic cat.  Its name translating as “Dream Cat Smile”, I fell hopelessly in love with the animatronic kitty back in 2006, tested the furry white masterpiece in February last year, and now the company has launched a new, talking version at the Tokyo Toy Forum this week.


Check out a video of the new Yume Neko Smile after the cut!


Macworld 08: First play of the MacBook Air advert

Despite the uncontrollable salivation over the new MacBook Air ultraportable, our intrepid Macworld 08 team still managed to shoot footage of the lustworthy laptop’s first advert.

There may not be built in WiMAX or cellular broadband, but the MacBook Air is still indecently thin – just 0.76-inches at its narrowest – respectably powered, thanks to an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU in 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz flavors, and features a gesture-sensitive touchpad that borrows from the iPhone’s MultiTouch capabilities.  All in something that weighs 3lbs.


Hummer HX Concept live unveiling at NAIAS 2008

Here’s a quick and dirty write up of the Hummer HX Concept.  It’s got a 3.6-liter FlexFuel V6.  It’s Hummer’s very first V6 engine.  There are removable fenders, doors and panels.  I’ll swing back around later to add more meat but for now, enjoy the unveiling video of the Hummer HX Concept.


CES 2008: Goodbye Bill Gates, from SlashGear with love

Dear Bill,

Thanks for sharing your last day at Microsoft with us, here at CES 2008. Despite all the product announcements, PR people wrestling for our attention and press releases firing out of the fax machine like a gatling gun, we wanted to take a special moment to say thanks for everything you’ve done for the consumer electronics industry. We might not have always agreed with you, we might have occasionally hated your products and even replaced the ‘s’ in Microsoft with a dollar sign, but at least you gave us something to write about.

Hell, we even loved Ctrl+Alt+Del!

Love from SlashGear

Video of the Day – Piracy is bad, really bad

Today’s Video of the Day is an important message. We all know that piracy is bad, but I never realized that it was this bad.


Video of the Day – The coolest gorilla ever

Today’s Video of the Day has got to be one of my favorite videos to date. I’m not going to ruin it for you, but seriously, that has to be the coolest gorilla that I’ve ever seen.


Video of the Day – Put that old monitor to good use

Today’s Video of the Day shows us a cool way to use those old clunky CRT monitors that we have sitting around. I’ve finally switched all of my systems over to flat-panels, so I’ve got a couple CRTs sitting around. Perhaps it’s time I put them back to good use.



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