Intel Tolapai – North meets South

Intel has been on the innovative side recently nailing AMD and other competitors with its new core micro-architecture lineup. It has not stop Intel from bagging more market share on other spaces like the embedded CPU market. By packing both North Bridge and South Bridge into a single chip, Intel manage to produce a new embedded chip called Tolapai using 65nm manufacturing to compete in embedded market against VIA’s C7 and AMD’s Geode.


Pico-ITX, motherboard standards keep getting smaller

I know that all of you modders out there just can’t wait for a smaller motherboard to cram into you newest custom-cases. It looks like the wait will be over soon. Via, who already makes some of the smallest boards around is gearing up for the release of their newest standard called pico-ITX. Measuring in at 3.9 x 2.8 inches, it only takes up half of space of their current Nano-ITX boards.

Looking at the picture, you can get a feel for the size by looking at how large the VGA and ethernet ports seem. Also, you will notice that those are the only two two ports that are built onto the board. Your other connections will be connected via pin headers, so be prepared to run plenty of cables.It is going to sport a C7 processor running at 1GHz, so it’ll run about anything you’d expect to run off of a system this small.

So once again, VIA is setting the new standard in tiny computing, much to the delight of modders everywhere. Now the only thing left to do is figure out what to put it in.

Via’s incredible shrinking mobo line spawns “pico-ITX” [via LinuxDevices]

Modular UMPC concept for couch, conference and desk

Ultra Mobile Life, Via‘s UMPC blog, has been busy with their graphics tablets again, producing this mighty fine concept of what a Modular UMPC might look like.  Consisting of a central core unit, complete with full-front touchscreen, which can then be augmented by a snap-on keyboard accessory creating a layout not dissimilar (though far cooler looking) to the Pepperpad 3.  UML see this as your portable VOIP speakerphone, presentation-giving multi-purpose filofax killer, and they could just be right.  Be sure to check out what they have in mind for those desktop powerhouse moments, after the cut…


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