SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: February 22 2011

SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: February 22 2011

Well hello there all you morning readers, haven't seen you around for a while! We've been to Barcelona and back and now we're back in the New York Groove to get you all the news you want in the tiny package you love the best - SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up! Have a look at a HTC Inspire 4G Review, the winners of the Android Community Big Fat Android Toy Giveaway #1, and the Motorola XOOM Street Egg Ad that'll swallow you up whole! Don't forget the odd Motorola Roadster [In-Car Bluetooth Speakerphone] Review - talk in your car all day! Have a look at a slew of Lenovo item releases: the ThinkPad W520 quadcore desktop replacement, the Lenovo ThinkPad T420s, T420 and T520, and the Lenovo ThinkPad L420 and L520 entry-level notebooks. All of them very black with a red nose. Then while you're mind is still at it, get the official price of the Verizon released Motorola XOOM.

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Vega not in vogue at pocketables

SlashGear loves reviewers that tell it like it is – whether that be waxing lyrical about the latest must-have product to steal their heart, or heaping scorn onto flawed and fail-worthy rubbish.  So it’s good to see Jenn over at pocketables pulling exactly zero punches in her review of the Vega UMPC, Raon Digital’s WinXP-running handheld PC with a 4.3-inch passive touchscreen. 

Despite lacking internal WiFi or Bluetooth, the Vega has managed to score pretty well in past reviews, so if there’s any overall lesson to be learnt here it’s that the success of any mobile device is vastly dependent on the needs and lifestyle of the individual using it.  Jenn criticises the no-longer-competitive price ($879 from Dynamism, in her case), sub-par text-entry methods, unattractive design and poor performance as an impromptu laptop-replacement.


Getting your car connected – Vega as a Carputer

People have been putting computers into their cars for years now, and manufacturers are playing (slow) catch-up themselves, but for the DIYer it’s generally been a tricky bout of origami fitting all the screens, boxes and cables in for a neat install.  Well, Microsoft -perhaps unwittingly – made things a whole lot easier with, ironically, their Origami concept (later to become UMPC, the butt of many myopic reviewers’ scorn); a full computer with a seven inch touchscreen that manufacturers are often offering with an in-car mount.  All of a sudden it’s ridiculously easy to put a PC in your car, and then the struggle becomes picking the right hardware and interface software for your needs.  Enter Steve over at The Carrypad UMPC Journal.

Steve is currently trying out how well the Raon Digital Vega UMPC works in his daily ride, and has posted the first of a series of three articles designed to help budding carputerists find the best system for them.  Well worth keeping an eye on if you’ve ever thought “it’d be really useful to have GPS/my music collection/internet connection right now”.

Carputer Day at Carrypad. Pt1 of 3 [The Carrypad UMPC Journal]

Raon Digital Vega gets a thorough thumbing

So we’ve had the unboxing, now comes the nitty-gritty.  The good folks over at the Carrypad UMPC Portal have done a full-on review of the Raon Digital Vega UMPC, and found that – while the lack of built-in bluetooth or wifi is a chore – it’s a great addition to a mobile lifestyle.  Of particular note is their section on using the Vega as an in-car entertainment and navigation tool.

Raon Digital Vega review [Carrypad UMPC Portal]

Exclusive Unboxing Video: Raon Digital Vega Ultra Mobile PC

Hurry, click, click the video below to watch Hugo Ortega (misguided yet very lucky dude) the man of the hour just got the shiny, new Vega UMPC by Raon Digital. Instead of ripping the box apart, he waited to capture the unboxing experience for the rest of world to lust over. Thanks Hugo – a job well done. Also big thanks to everyone that sent this into SlashGear. Click over for the video (183MB, 25 minutes)!


More Specs and Pics on the Vega UMPC

Korean company Raon Digital listed their one and only product – the Vega UMPC on their website.  I know we’ve covered this device on SlashGear, but the follow-up with more info and images will help give you a better view of the product.  It’s a shame it doesn’t have an integrated keyboard of some sort.
View the entire product specs after the jump.


Vega – a tiny UMPC for tinier wallets

The glitz, the glamour, drunkenly ringing your step-mom at 3am to tell her you’ve married a transgendered hooker called Analise… it’s the high-tack spirit of Las Vegas that Raon Digital has summoned to perfectly gloss the latest on the “is that a PC in your pocket?” catwalk. Flaunting the same 800×480 resolution of its UMPC brethren, only squeezed into a UX50-alike 4.5 inch screen, this “Ultra Portable PC” appears to have pitched its tent firmly in the multimedia/gaming camp. Noble aims, but given reviewers’ general lack of excitement when hands-on with the first generation of UMPCs, you’d be forgiven for harbouring step-mom-like suspicions that the relationship between gamer and Vega won’t last.


Two New UMPCs

Mo-bits VX3. New UMPC designVariety is the spice of life, they say, and unless they’re talking about the drivel that was my high-school Variety Performance I think they’re right. So it’s with baited breath I wait for new models of UMPC, in the hope that one day some clever manufacturer will manage the delicate balance between Alienware performance and Electrovaya battery life.