Sony’s New Ultra-Portable VAIO TZ

11.1 inches diagonal and less than an inch thick. 2.65 pounds, and a battery life of 4-7.5 hours depending on usage. Think you have died and gone to ultra-portable heaven? Me too.


Sony’s Blu-Ray toting VAIO FZ180 media laptop reviewed

If you want a laptop with built-in HD and a Blu-Ray drive then your options are pretty limited, and you’re generally looking at something highly wallet-draining.  Crunchgear’s Seth Porges has been playing with one such machine: the $2,000 Sony VAIO LZ180, which fills a crisp-edged case with Intel’s 2GHz Core 2 Duo T7300 CPU, a 15-inch Xbrite display running off an NVidia GeForce 8400 GT, and a 200GB hard-drive to store all that lovely media.



Sony’s latest VAIO squares up to MacBook

Something tells me that if you bit into this VAIO CR laptop you’d find a striking aftertaste of Apple.  There’s certainly no avoiding where Sony got the design prompt for its latest notebook range from, but since the tech product world is full of mimicry, emulation and tribute it’s easier to ignore it and look at how well the CR stacks up.  NotebookReview have done just that.



Sony announces “Ultimate HD” workstation

Sony have announced their new “Ultimate HD” workstation. As you may have guessed, they are aiming this desktop at editing HD video; you can probably also guess that it doesn’t come cheap.


Sony Announces VAIO CR – featuring Intel Santa Rosa platform

Sony Announces VAIO CR – featuring Intel Santa Rosa platform

Sony keeps their tradition on making sexy laptops. VAIO CR is no different, it has an eye-catching chassis with glossy finish and silver trimed frame. It’s available in several colors; sangria, cosmopolitan, dove, indigo, and matte black.

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Sony VAIO TZ – The Sexy Lappie with SSD and Superb Battery Life

Sony is buzzing lately on the media. Rumor has it that Sony’s VAIO TZ series will be released around the 26th this month in Japan. Sporting 11.1-inch, this ultra portable will have enough space to house both a 160GB hard drive and a 32GB solid state drive (SSD).


Sony refreshes VAIO RM Desktop and FE notebook

With Santa Rosa on the horizon and processors price cuts from Intel, many manufacturers feel a little upgrade could help their products lineup handles Windows Vista better.


Sony Blu-Ray Laptop – The VAIO VGN-FZ100

A lot of new laptop announcements recently due to Santa Rosa availability to manufacturers. Sony introduces a new VAIO based on Santa Rosa platform, the VGN-FZ100. The market Sony is releasing this product to be mostly video editors and users who wants Blu-Ray on a laptop.


Sony Vaio G1 Under 2 Pounds

Laptops were meant to make life and work more mobile, but Sony has just raised the bar on laptop mobility with what the company calls its “lightest fully usable notebook ever produced.” Using a 12.1-inch display, 1.5GB of RAM and 80GB hard drive, the Sony Vaio G1 weighs just 1.97-pounds by utilizing a more advanced carbon body than its carbon predecessors, X505 and the SZ/carbon. With the DVD-RW and a 12-hour battery on board, the total weight comes to 2.46 pounds—still quite impressive. The only drawback is the 1.2GHz Core Solo, but we can let that slide. Available in Japan in the first week of December at around $2000, and for US folks you can pre-order from tech-importer Dynamism.

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Sony Vaio All-in-One Desktop

The Sony Vaio VGC-LS1 All-in-One Desktop PC is looking sweet. The PC is hidden inside the 19” XBRITE flat panel widescreen display, which is encased in clear polycarbonate. Sporting a Core Duo 1.83GHZ processor running Windows Media Center, 2GB of ram and 250GB hard drive, the VGC-LS1 also has built-in web cam and mic, TV tuner with DVR capabilities, and is packaged with wireless mouse and keyboard. All that for $2,099. Very cool. But other sources note the lack of a dedicated video card as a drawback.

New Sony Vaio All-in-One desktop [Via: Ubergizmo]

Sony VAIO N10 series

No prizes for guessing whose design portfolio Sony have been sneaking peeks into, those minxes.  But then there’s no denying that their VAIO N10 series is a good looking machine.  With an A4-footprint and Sony’s delicious 15.4″ X-black screen (which is guaranteed to bring all the boys to the yard), a minimum of 512mb of memory and at least an 80gb hard drive, an Intel Core Duo processor finds just about every modern tick box on the spec sheet checked.


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