Scientists unveil chips that plug into your brain

Something about the word cyborg has always fascinated and weirded me out at the same time. I mean, it would be so cool to have something that would allow me to interface with modern electronics, or have superhuman strength. But then again, I know that technology doesn’t last forever, and is at some point going to be in need of repair. So I really don’t feel like going into a repair shop just to have my arm looked at.


Blackberry 8830 worldphone pictures leaked

It looks like someone leaked a few press shots of RIM’s first word phone. I think I’ll have to agree with The Boy Genius on this one, they were probably “leaked” by the marketing department just to get some hype going. And look at me, passing along the hype to you, man they’re good.


Nokia 7088 announced today

If you like the L’Amour series from Nokia but live in a CDMA market, you’ll love the new 7088. This phone marks a couple of firsts for the line. The 7088 is not only the first CDMA in the L’Amour Collection, it is also the first slider phone.

Note: this is a possibly leaked pic of the 7088 from slashphone


The TeraDisk – 1TB of storage on a single disk

We’ve seen the first 1TB hard drive, and we were all amazed. Now just imagine having a single CD-sized disk that can hold the same amount of data.


HyperDrive4 – No, it won’t get to to Alderaan, but it is fast

Another manufacturer has tossed their hat into the solid-state disk ring. Attorn BV has recently announced their upcoming SSD drive dubbed the HyperDrive4.

The performance of this new drive is just incredible. It touts a hefty 126MBs/s with a single drive. Bump it up to 4 in a RAID 0, and you’ll be able to see speeds up to 400MBs/s.


New Core 2 Quad Extreme chips to come sooner than expected?

According to the latest roadmap for Intel coming out of Asia, you can expect Intel to refresh its line of quad-core Core 2 Extreme in Q3 of this year. Already? I haven’t even jumped on the quad-core bandwagon yet.

The new chip dubbed the QX6800 will be clocked at 2.93GHz with 4MB of L2 cache and a 1066MHz FSB. And I thought my Core 2 Duo E6600 was fast.

Unless you are just itching to have the latest and greatest right now, you might as well wait to buy your QX6700. The new QX6800 will reportedly cost the same as the current QX6700.

Intel to update gaming CPU sooner than thought? [via reghardware]

D-Wave quantum computing claim backed by NASA

Last month we reported that D-Wave had unveiled the first quantum computer. There has since been much speculation as to the validity of that claim. Those claims are now being backed by NASA.


New Centrino line to feature HSDPA?

Intel has been developing their new Santa Rosa platform for over a year now. Santa Rosa is the codename for the upcoming Centrino Pro chipset. Sources indicate that we can expect to see the new chipset on May 8th.

The new Centrino Pro is going to offer support for the latest Core 2 Duo processors, as well as the Intel Mobile 965 Express chipset, NAND flash-memory caching, and better Windows Vista Aero support. Rumor has it that it may also include support for WWAN access via HSDPA.


No AppleTV in February

It’s official, the AppleTV won’t be shipping until mid March. So let the wheels of the rumor mill start churning. Why is it delayed?

Could it be manufacturing issues? Maybe they’re going to release Leopard around mid March as well. I doubt that these are the case, but with Apple, you can’t ever be sure.

Lets just hope that they don’t follow suit with the iPhone. We can barely wait until June for it.

AppleTV Delayed Til March: Aaand the Hold Up Is?
[via gizmodo]

Adron introduces 160GB flash HDD

I’m sure that plenty of you Windows users out there have made the switch to Vista by now. But what you likely haven’t done is take advantage of the ReadyDrive feature.


Yes, Virginia, Quantum Computing is Real

Yes, Virginia, Quantum Computing is Real

For years we have heard the term “Quantum Computing” always used in a future tense. It was one of those things that scientists were working on in a lab somewhere that would never be finished in our life time. Reminds me of a 3D Realms game.

Similar to the long overdue Duke Nukem title, we have been given a taste of what is to come. D-Wave introduced the world's first commercially viable quantum computer this week. It is by no means ready to be put to work in the mainstream, but it's a leap in the right direction.

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Mr. Fusion could soon be a reality

Everyone remembers that scene in Back to the Future where Doc refuels the Delorean by dumping some trash into Mr. Fusion. Scientists at Purdue University are getting one step closer to making that a reality. Mind you, this is only a step. This trash-powered generator is approximately the size of a small moving van, so don’t expect one on your car anytime soon.


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