Treo 500v Reviewed

The Treo 500v was released on the Vodafone network very recently, and now its been reviewed. They only really had 3 things bad to say about it.

The first was that they were still using the 2.5mm headphone jack instead of the 3.5mm one that’s pretty standard. The second was the loss of the audio off switch on the top of most Treo’s. the third was that although the keyboard was usable, it was still pretty small.


Treo 500 smartphone unboxed

Perhaps it’s the slightly Fisher-Price look to the front panel; perhaps it’s an inherent distrust of overtly soap-shaped objects after a particularly disturbing prison themed nightmare… either way, I’m not quite managing to get excited about Palm’s latest Treo, the 500.  Still, from the sound of it I’m the one missing out; the 500 has already whipped up some interest in what the company has managed to achieve despite using the Windows Mobile OS, and Andrew over at Treonauts has done a good job of highlighting the physical improvements in his unboxing feature of the 500v Vodafone version.



Rumor: Palm Treo 500 due out soon, not called Gandolf

So the device that was reportedly called the Gandolf, is now rumored to be officially known as the Treo 500, or the Treo 500v on the Vodafone network it is said to be hitting on September 12th. Personally I thin it looks exactly like the Centro with a couple minor differences, but apparently it’s a whole other device.

Apparently it will have 3G as in UMTS, not HSDPA and will feature Windows Mobile 6 not a Palm OS. It will also be missing the touchscreen which is apparently why a phone with seemingly better features than the Treo 750 gets the lower model number of the 500.


Palm Centro On Sprint

The Palm Centro has been known by at least two other names, the “Gandolf” and the “Treo 800”. The device is in fact a tiny Treo running Palm OS and is being called the “first truly new Treo form factor in years”.

Sprint is being coy and not picking a name for the device just yet, just as well, they have got to do their research on what works best, but I like the Palm Centro, its still kind of edgy, but keeps that professional air about it. However the gentleman at that attended the show saw and app on the home screen entitled “About Centro” leading me to beleive they are going with the Palm Centro.


WM6 for Treo 750 sees the daylight – leaked ROM

WM6 for Treo 750 sees the daylight – leaked ROM

If you are one of Treo 750 owner that has been patiently waiting for a Windows Mobile 6 ROM from Palm or your provider should rejoice today as the Internet has saved you from the annoying wait and see phase. Windows Mobile 6 ROM was on the loose and available for download since yesterday.

This is not an official release from Palm or Treo 750’s carriers, but a leaked ROM. Here is the list of changes we know so far and many users on XDA forum has vouch for this ROM validity.

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Palm’s next-gen 3G Treo details emerge

The information on Palm’s wizard-themed Gandalf smartphone continues to drip out, like warm molasses from the mouth of a drunken child, and it looks like its official name will be the far less magical Treo 500.  A 3G handset using HSDPA and Bluetooth 2.0, there’ll be two main differentiations – a Windows Mobile 6 version and a non-touchscreen alternative running a new incarnation of the Palm OS – and then a number of colour options.



Latest Treos to get OtterBox protection

A quick trawl through the SlashGear archives and you’ll see that OtterBox have already proved their worth in somewhat extreme circumstances, so when they launch a new product we know they mean business.  It’s Vincent’s new Treo 755p that they’ve set their sights on this time, offering up not only a way to keep it safe from dust, spills and, um, falling bricks, but to keep using it at the time.



Treo 750 gets general European release

Fresh from Palm comes news that the Treo 750, previously only available through specific carriers in Europe, will now be on sale in general phone stores on any network, as well as direct from Palm’s own website.

If you read SlashPhone’s review of the 750v, the Vodafone UK-branded version, then you’ll know that it’s a great phone with some excellent added features by Palm that makes the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS even easier to use.  I know there are plenty of people who’d like to upgrade to this 3G, UMTS/HSDPA smartphone, and now they’ll be able to do so without needing to leave their operator.

Palm [via Geekzone]

The Palm Treo 750 from Cingular Wireless

Thanks to a certain leak from a certain website EngadgetMobile a couple of days back, everybody and their grandma is aware that Palm is announcing the Treo 750 in US. And the lucky carrier is (drum roll please…) Cingular Wireless. This is Palm’s first Treo to sport Cingular’s 3G/UMTS network (five-band world phone). It runs Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology.

The Treo 750 combined with Cingular’s Broadband-like speed 3G network, is great for email, messaging, web browsing, organization software and a robust application portfolio. Its new compact design features an internal antenna, soft-touch finish, and contoured edges to make it comfortable in the hand. The Treo 750 also has a full QWERTY keyboard for easy messaging, a 1.3-megapixel camera, a bright 240×240 touch screen and support for Bluetooth® stereo headsets. If the built-in 60MB of user-available storage isn’t enough for you, there’s the option to add more memory via the miniSD (up to 2GB), which is perfect for storing data, photos, music and video.


SlashPhone reviews the Treo 750v

For an awful lot of smartphone users, Palm’s Treo series holds a special place in their hearts.  Whether it’s the distinctive “pebble” shape or the design of the thumb-board that keeps them keen, a new release is always something to be savoured.  SlashPhone, our sister site, has a review of the latest model, the 750v, currently available in the UK from operator Vodafone.

Does it continue in the grand tradition of easy-to-use, reliable handsets, or will the 750v – or Windows Mobile 5.0 perhaps – let the side down?  There’s only one way to find out, so get your sweet ass over there, sailor!

Palm Treo 750v Review [SlashPhone]

SlashPhone review: Treo 680 put through its paces

Over at our sister site, SlashPhone, there’s a review of the Treo 680 – Cingular’s $199 entry level Palm smartphone that you saw unboxed earlier on this week.  Did we like it?  Did we pine for the higher spec 750v?  You’ll just have to read the review to find out…

SlashPhone reviews the Treo 680 [SlashPhone]

SlashPhone plays with the Treo 680 – Video Unboxing

Our sister site, SlashPhone, have scored some hands-on time with Palm’s latest Treo, the 680, and put up both an unboxing video and a video run-through of the menu system.  The former is shown below; the latter is over on their site.  What do they think?  Well, it’s still chunkier than rivals like the Dash, there’s no 3G or WiFi, but the screen is gorgeous.

For anybody wondering how they managed to make the 680 thinner than previous Palm models, they also have photos of different generation batteries, as well as comparison shots with the T-Mobile Dash and the Treo 750.


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