TomTom update GPS with Google Maps link & new car mount

TomTom have refreshed their ONE and XL satnav ranges, adding Google Maps compatibility, reworking the audio system for clearer voice prompts, and redesigning the windscreen mount.  Both models now support TomTom’s Map Share system, which allows users to collectively update and polish mapping data in-between official releases, a guarantee that the maps provided will be the latest version, and pre-installed traffic camera information.  A new Help Me! menu gives shortcut access to emergency and breakdown service contact details, car maintenance advice, directions to the nearest hospital and first aid instructions. 


Navigon 2100 Max – thin, light, and easy to use and I’ve got it for review

Navigon is quickly rising to the top in the Personal Navigation Device market, even superseding TomTom and Garmin in many areas. Their latest PND is the 2100 Max, which is coincidentally one of the few upgradeable GPS units on the market. It also has a 4.3-inch Widescreen, Text-To-Speech functionality, lane guide assistance and speed warnings along with a fairly comprehensive list of Points of Interest; I mean there were more than a couple points listed in the little town I live in.


TomTom GO 930, 730 & 530 with new HD GPRS traffic receiver

TomTom have launched a new range of in-car GPS sat nav units at CeBIT 2008 today, together with a GPRS-enabled traffic receiver that plugs directly into a car’s cigarette lighter.  The three new devices, the 930, 730 and 530, all feature the company’s new IQ Routes technology which not only takes into account distance and permitted road speeds in calculating routes but also real-world typical speeds.  TomTom are claiming that in 50-percent of journeys this new algorithm results in a different, quicker route than before.  The GPS units also add Advanced Lane Guidance, which introduces more realistic junction diagrams, arrows indicating lane transitions and better voice prompts. 


TomTom and Google partner to offer “Send To GPS” option

So when you use Google maps, you can email the map/directions, print them, or “Send To”. Well, now there is new “Send to GPS” option available thanks to a partnership with TomTom that allows you to send the address of a business or home to your GPS unit with great ease.


World Premiere of TomTom’s new TomTom HD Traffic

Yeah, it says world premiere, but they only have a deal with Vodafone to collect the necessary GSM signals to calculate the traffic in an area. So, it looks like you can buy it anywhere, but only use it where there is Vodafone service.

The service will initially only be available in the Netherlands, and will offer external routes, that according to the data collected, should be faster. The first device to be blessed with the new HD Traffic tech will be the TomTom ONE XL HD Traffice, which is exactly like the ONE XL, but add a SIM card to get the traffic data with.


IFA 2007 – New TomTom range travels to North America

Vincent spent some time playing with the latest TomTom GPS navigation units and was pleased to find out that a number of models are crossing the Atlantic and finding their way to North America.  The range-topping GO 920 and the 3rd edition ONE will be available in September, with the former offering pre-installed maps of the US, Canada and Europe on its 4GB of internal memory.



TomTom Rider 2nd Edition Even More Bad To The Bone

So the second edition is available in Europe right now. It has a new Ram mount for your handlebars that will stand up to the throaty roar of your motor bike’s engine.

There is also and included Bluetooth headset from Cardo that works great for in-helmet communication between you and the device. Apparently the Bluetooth headset is kind of a moot point since most people that can afford an $800 GPS unit for their motorcycle can probably afford a helmet with integrated Bluetooth.


New patent shows a TomTom GPS with integrated camera system

In-car GPS systems are great, but have you ever been driving along and have it tell you to turn, only to find out that you’re really not sure where it wanted you to turn? A new patent has surfaced depicting a navigation system that will use a camera to show you the road as it sees it, and show you exactly where you need to turn.


Unboxing the HTC Advantage

I’m still on the fence with the HTC Advantage (formerly known as the Athena and briefly, the Ameo), mainly because I’ve asked myself why would I need such a device that acts like my smartphone except much larger? I’ve heard HTC’s justification but don’t quit buy it, yet. Possibly a hands on when it finally arrives stateside this summer, may make me think differently.

The HTC Advantage sports a built-in GPS powered by TomTom software for the European market while it’s still unknown for the US market. Other HTC given features include quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE plus HSDPA/UMTS (850/1900/2100). I remember seeing the Advantage all over the T-Mobile booth at CeBIT – so it’s likely T-Mobile USA will launch the device here.


TomTom Linux Project

When I’m cruising the mean streets, hat swung backward and my favourite Cher tape blaring, the last thing I want to do with my TomTom GPS unit is build a new Linux distro.  But there are other people out there not as blatantly cool as I am, and if you’re one of them you might be interested in the OpenTom project, a way to unlock the GPS units’ firmware and hardware and run custom software such as an mp3 player.

A cheap old unit on eBay would be a great way to play with the OS, and some of the newer models (such as the 910) might be an interesting beginning of a basic carputer.  Check out the mp3 player (which also has an accelerometer) after looking at the project wiki linked to below.


Palm’s New Treo GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition

Palm’s New Treo GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition

All right settle down – Dave the magician of Mobility Today managed to be the first to get his hands on Palm’s new GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition (our review unit should be arriving anytime now). It’s got an estimated street price of $299. The bundle comes with Palm’s GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition which includes a Bluetooth enabled SiRFstarIII GPS receiver, TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software featuring the latest Tele Atlas(R) maps, a 1GB memory card with preloaded maps of the continental United States and Canada, a vehicle device cradle with windshield mount and a charging system. It works with Treo 650, 700p and 700w. Palm Treo Smartphone not included. Click over for the Press Release.

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