Tivo Experience outside the box, TIVO’s recording app for Windows users

The Godfather of DVR is expanding their DVR technology outside the box. Tivo and Nero have announced a joint venture effort to bring TIVO experience on your personal computer. The recording soft layer application, LiquidTV/TiVo PC will be on sale this October 15th at the price of $99. It’s designed for PC users who already have an existing TV tuner on their computer. The $99 asking price will get you one year subscription to TIVO recording features and program guides, the subsequently renewal will cost you another $99.


SlashGear Week in Review – Week 37 2008

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 37 2008

Two significant events on the tech calendar this week, with both CTIA Wireless and Apple's fall iPod launch hitting sunny San Francisco.  SlashGear has been at both, and huge numbers of you joined us on Tuesday morning for our by-now traditional Live Blog of Steve Jobs' slick new PMPs.  Make sure to check out our unboxing videos of the new iPod nano 4G and iPod touch 2G.

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Tivo to offer DVR service through BlackBerry

Research In Motion and digital video recording service, TIVO are teaming up to offer customized TiVo services for the BlackBerry. The initial phase of the plan will allow TiVo subscribers to access and control their DVR’s schedule and programming detail via BlackBerry phone. The integration is expected to be put in action later this year. Other than that, the companies also mentioned the future development is to simplify and improve mobile access to video content.

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 36 2008

Netbooks returned to the top of the page this week, as Dell finally confirmed their first entrance to the budget ultraportable market.  The specs of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 may not be all that surprising – given both the regular leaking pre-announcement and the fact that all of these machines are pretty similar – but the brand name will likely make it the netbook to beat.  In a way it’s a shame, because there are far more exciting devices – such as the Raon Digital Everun Note – that, by virtue of being less well known, will struggle to make themselves heard.


Tivo unveils HD XL DVR with 1TB Storage Space

No sight of Series 4 with Tru2way just yet but Tivo has announced a brand new premium DVR that comes with extra large recording capacity at Cedia 2008. The XL size of Tivo HD now featured 1TB of storage space (over 150 hours of HD programs), Glo remote and THX-certified just like the S3.


Tivo teams up with DirectTV to develop new HD DVR

Good news for Tivo fans stuck in Cable mode. The country largest satellite service provider with 17.1- million subscribers, DIRECTV has announced today that they are teaming up with TIVO to develop a new DIRECTV HD DVR featuring TiVo’s recording service. The new TiVo-DirecTV DVR is expected to be available in the second half of 2009. It will support both companies’ features and services but subscriber’s pricing and packaging for the high-definition TiVo-DirecTV product has yet to be determined.

Go! Tivo
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TiVo gets YouTube in latest 9.4 update

TiVo recently began rolling out its Summer (9.4) software update to its PVR subscribers and, while the company initially kept quiet about it, they have included YouTube video playback.  Available to Series 3 and TiVo HD users, the functionality will begin to show up as early as July 18th but it will take 2-3 weeks before all boxes have been updated.

Check out the video of YouTube on TiVo after the cut


TiVo network control via Telnet, courtesy of Crestron

After some clever lateral thinking over at the TiVo Community forums there’s now a way for users to remotely control their PVR via anything with network access and a telnet client.  It’s all thanks to Crestron, who worked with TiVo back when the company was developing v9.1 of the set-top box software; they added support for the home automation company’s touchscreens and did so in a relatively straightforward way.  Telnet into your TiVo using port 31339 and you can use almost forty different commands to input numbers, control channels, set recordings and more.

Check out the video of the system in action after the cut


SlingCatcher delayed – possibly until late this year

There was a gentleman who informed Engadget of a notice he received from SlingMedia informing him that the SlingCatcher was not up to Sling Media’s standards. So it has been delayed, Sling didn’t confirm the actual email that was sent, but did sort of confirm that it was going to be delayed citing QA concerns as the cause.


Mitsubishi DVR-BZ100 and DVR-BZ200 Blu-Ray Recorders unveiled – feature packed

Sure, they play and record on Blu-Ray discs, and that’s cool, but that’s nothing compared to the touch-screen remotes that they come with. Both units also have internal hard drives built in.


Tivo to develop next generation tru2Way Set-tops, screws the cable company

As an owner of a Tivo S3 DVR box, I have concerns regarding the widely-spread Switched Digital Video aka SDV utilized by Cable network to reduce bandwidth usage. TWC around my neighborhood is about to add 11 more HD channels to the lineup but the word on the street is, SDV may be deployed and possibly including with the newer addition of HD channels as well, Crap!.


Momenta next-gen computer design is creepy

So apparently Microsoft has this Next-Gen PC Design competition, and this is one of the finalists. Looks pretty cool, makes you wonder why I say its creepy right?


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