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Axiotron ModBook Review Part 2 – I’m sad to see it go…

This is the final half of my review of the Axiotron ModBook, sadly I am shipping it out, back to them, tomorrow. I must first say that I have surely fallen in love with the MacBook and OS X as a result of this review as I’d never used either prior to this review.


Axiotron ModBook Review Part 1

So, I’ve had this thing for a few hours short of a full day, and I’ve got some stuff to report, but I don’t want to call this the end of the review, I am going to give it a few more days and then give the final part of the review. So far, I am not sold on it, but, my sister, who is taking classes in college for photography and the various digital arts got her hands on it and wouldn’t let go until I took it away to charge it.


SlashGear Review: Fujitsu-Siemens’ ultra-portable P1610

The ultraportable MacBook some were hoping for didn’t arrive at WWDC, so it seems a good time to look at options for the mobile user who prizes portability above all else. Fujitsu Siemens’ P1610, despite its age – it was announced in November last year – remains one of the most coveted mini notebooks; the size of a hardback book with a convertible touch-screen, I dropped one in my bag to see just how functional the 2.2lb device can be.


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