SlashDeal: MyVu Personal Media Player for 5th Gen iPod – for all your isolation needs

In case your headphones and iPod screen weren’t making you feel isolated enough from the world around you, you can pick up a pair of these goggle type things that connect to your old 5th Gen iPod and make it look like you’re watching whatever it is you are watching on up to a 300” screen. I don’t know, however, why they received a worst Woot of the year nomination.


Amazon Hi-Def Sweepstakes, $180,000 Worth of HI-DEF Media

No format quarrel here, Amazon has both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Sweepstakes that worth approximately $180,000 in retail prize for Hi-def fans. Amazon announced 2008 Blu-Ray and HD-DVD giveaway today that doesn’t require any form of purchase at all but it’s only eligible to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, except residents of New York, who are 18 or older. Limit one entry per person or household.


Slashdeal : Amazon offers another Blu Ray BOGO, Titles from four selected major Studios

Last week we have HD-DVD BOGO from Amazon covered 4 titles from Harry Porters. They are having similar deal for Blu-Ray crowd this week. You’ll find 92 selections from major line of studios like Warner, New Line, Fox and MGM with titles like 300, Harry Porters Disc 1-4, Mr Brooks, Wyatt Earp, Alexander, Letters from Iwo Jima and Rescue Dawn just to name a few. Also, there are 2 titles that’s worth watching for Nature’s freaks, March of the Penguins and Relentless Enemies from National Geographic. Take ‘300’ for an example, it’s selling for $19.99 and its cost less than President Alexander Hamilton Ten-Dollar bill after the promotion. Get it while it lasts.

amazon blu-ray bogo [via amazon]

Slashdeal : 4 Harry Potter HD-DVD Version with $9.99 Each at Amazon

If you aren’t interested in collectible and bonus material but the movie, Amazon has another HD-DVD BOGO including 4 Harry Potter titles : Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and Sorcerer’s Stone. The price is incredible; you can get all 4 for $39.90 with the promotion. Add the Order of the Phoenix for $24.95, you have all the 5 movies for $64.85 shipped.

Amazon BOGO

Slashdeal : Amazon has Call of Duty Modern Warfare for $39.99

Get it while it lasts. Amazon has one of the best release from the series of Call of Duty, The Modern Warfare for $39.99 on both Xbox360 and Ps3 version. PC is $49.99. It’s selling everywhere for $20 more! I don’t know you guys, but I just ordered one with free 2 days shipping. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t be able to finish the Metal of Honor , Airborne. I got like 2 more levels to go.

PS3 version

Xbox 360

SlashDeal : Walmart Secret In-Store Special Tomorrow at 8am

We read enough about the Walmart Secret In-store leaks from the last few days. They have disclosed the full list online. If you like what you see or still working on the gift list for your love one, you can get them while it lasts at 8am tomorrow. My picks are Vizio 50” Plasma TV $998, Gateway Laptor $398, Toshiba Hd-A3 with Free tittles (2 in box, 5 instant picks, 5 in mails) $298, 40GB PS3 with $50 gift card at $399 and Walmart Exclusive 1GB Pink iPod shuffle $78.72.

Walmart Secret In-Store Sale

SlashDeal : Sanyo Xacti HD700 Camcorder $299 at

Amazon is selling the Xacti HD700 for $299, 50% off retail price. The compact HD camcorder captures 720p HD videos. It takes decent pictures but did terrible in low light environment. It records directly to an SD (SDHC) card and sports HDMI output. We recently purchased one for $349 during the black Friday from, but now is lowering the price even more. It’s a decent HD camcorder, especially this compact; we are getting another one!

SlashDeal : Amazon Blu-Ray BOGO free is back

Slashgear is committed to bring you the best deal in Hi-Def. If you’ve missed the last BOGO Blue-Ray deal from Amazon, they are back with selected 34 Warner’s tittles. It’s a Holidays season, wrap you love one a few ….. in Blue.


Walmart to sell HD-A2 HD DVD player for $98 tomorrow only!

Remember the other day that I told you Circuit City was selling an HD DVD player for under $200? Well in comparison to Walmart, that deal sucks. Walmart is doing something a little different with their holiday promotions this year, they’ve set up a “secret” website that will inform you of deals that will available on various days. One such deal for tomorrow is a sub-$100 HD DVD player.


Nokia 770 Internet Tablet for $129.99 – Only Today!

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet for $129.99 – Only Today!

Do you ever wanted a Nokia N800 tablet but cant really afford it? Here is another alternative, the Nokia 770 Internet tablet. For only $129.99 today at, you can own one. The 770 are Linux-based Internet tablet featuring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Reviewed: Unlimited Skype Call Plan

Reviewed: Unlimited Skype Call Plan

I just bought myself the $14.95 USD plan from Skype. You can make unlimited outgoing calls from Skype. This plan rocks, and if you are working at a place like SlashGear around this time (right before CES), you know you are going to have to make plenty of calls!

It has probably already saved me $14.95 from long-distance bills since I purchased the plan yesterday. Although the quality is obviously not as good as a landline, it provides many options in a slick interface. Next up I have to buy a nice iPhone from Linksys so I can use Skype on-the-go!

You have to act fast, because you can only buy the plan for $14.95 until January 31st. Also, Skype is planning to introduce new connection fees that might be put into the Unlimited plan later on.

Skype Unlimited Calling [Via: Skype]

Circuit City $200 Shopping Spree With a Catch

Circuit City $200 Shopping Spree With a Catch

Bargain hunters get your gear ready! Black Friday is coming closer each second. We just received a tip that Circuit City is offering $200 shopping spree in store when you sign up for a year of Vonage VOIP service. I don’t think this is a great deal for everyone, but those who are planning to get Vonage VOIP should take advantage of this offer.

Beginning on what’s known as the busiest shopping day of the year, “Black Friday” (November 24), Circuit City is offering its customers a $200 shopping spree toward any purchase in their store when they sign up for a year of Vonage broadband telephone service. New Vonage customers will also receive select devices at no cost after mail-in rebate.
The exciting deal will kick off on November 24 and end on December 2. Consumers can take advantage of this offer at any Circuit City in the US and activate service with the purchase of a Vonage device immediately at any in-store kiosk.

Thanks for the tips Elisa.

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