SCV1 Backseat TV from Sirius – More entertainment on the road

A lot of people travel with kids, and one of the biggest issues with doing so is keeping them entertained. These days simple coloring books just don’t seem to cut it. Personally I just need some good music and my DS and I’m set. Many people tend to rely on backseat DVD players to keep the young ones from getting bored, but how many times can they watch the same few DVDs that you brought with you? Sirius has the answer.


Sirius Stiletto 2

Sirius recently unveiled their latest iteration of their portable satellite radios, the Stiletto 2. The best part is it’s smaller and lighter than the original Stiletto.

So normally a decrease in size isn’t enough to warrant and entirely new product, so what features came with the diet? Enhanced WiFi is the first, then there is a new microSD card slot and better library management.


Sonos’ Home Audio Just Got A Sirius Boost

LinuxDevices is reporting, Sonos, known for their easy set-up home audio equipment and wireless streaming of all sorts of audio, has recently made the choice to add Sirius to their list of services they offer.

We did a review of some of their older equipment a while back, you can find that here. Since then they have added a pair of speakers to their lineup and that’s pretty much it. The big news comes in the form of this being one of the first Linux-powered devices to be granted the right to play Sirius.


XM – Sirius Merger May Bring About Choice

Which is always good right? Apparently the deal is $6.95 per month for the first 50 channels of your choosing from one provider. From there it goes up to $14.95, but you get to choose up to 100 channels from either provider.


Doubts cast on Sirius & XM merger; are they the only winners?

Mergers, eh?  Some might say they’re bad news – big companies getting even bigger and squashing out the little guy – whilst others think they’re a good thing.  XM and Sirius are the latest big boys to do the dance of the frotting assets and they’ve pushed the company line that consumer-experience won’t be negatively impacted, most notably through price rises.

It might, however, be a case of what’s not said being more important, as Gene Kimmelman of the Consumers Union suggests:

“The heads of XM and Sirius want consumers to believe that prices won’t rise after a merger, but that’s probably not the case. By highlighting a price freeze for the old package of services, they leave the impression that’s what consumers will pay for the new, combined offerings. But they haven’t really said what the new prices will be”


Sirius Stiletto – judged to be a p.o.s.

Yikes, and it was all going, well, not too bad for the Sirius Stiletto – the hotly anticipated satellite radio DAP that promised so much and yet, as Travis Hudson found out, delivers very little.  His quibbles?  Zero indoor and patchy outdoor reception, the ergonomics of a brick (and not a pleasant brick, no, the nasty kind), slow WiFi (the Stiletto uses ‘b’) and a limited number of internet radio channels to choose from, oh, and the headphones (which have the aerial built-in, so you can’t change them) are uncomfortable and look dorky.  All in all, not a great showing.


Sirius Stiletto comes out to play

Looks like the first Sirius Stiletto satellite radios are emerging into the wild, snuffling their little noses and blinking at the welcoming sun. First reports are of great reception when using the headphone cable as an antenna, with fair-to-middlin’ results with the internal receptor. Check out the flickr gallery from which these images were taken from for the full, no-holds-barred unboxing, and a video showing some deeply slick menu surfing after the jump.


The SIRIUS Stiletto is Back On

Words out that after being stopped about 2 weeks ago possibly due to intervention of the FCC, the SIRIUS Stiletto 100 is now back on for preorders. However, the ship date remains uncertain but most likely will be in late September or early October. Sites such as TSS-Radio have already placed the Stiletto back on its website along with its video. Hope its a smooth road from here on, we’ll keep you posted.

SIRIUS Stiletto: NO Bluetooth and NO Pre-orders

Wired got our hopes up by mentioning the inclusion of Bluetooth on the Stiletto, which turned out to be wrong. Then Sean of TSS-Radio informed me that SIRIUS had asked him to take down the first ever video showing off the Stiletto. At that point, I sensed something terrible was about to happen. A day later, TSS-Radio and Crutchfield yanked the pre-order page off their site. It would be nice if it turned out to be a production issue, but we’re not that lucky. The word on the street is the FCC may have something to do with this recent turn of events. We take it for granted when the nice folks at the FCC approves this or that gadget, until that one day where a the Stiletto gadget we all longed for gets rejected for whatever reason. Lets hope this isn’t the case.


SIRIUS Stiletto SL100PK1: First Ever Video!

BIG shout out to our buddies at TSS-Radio for sending this clip of the SIRIUS Stiletto for your viewing pleasure. Thanks a million Sean!

Pre-order the SIRUS Stiletto satellite radio for $349.99 at tss-radio. NOTE: it will not be available until late September or early October.

SIRIUS Stiletto Has Bluetooth?

UPDATE 9/6/2006: SIRIUS Stiletto SL100PK1: First Ever Video!

Oh my god, say it’s true! Wired mentioned in passing that the SIRIUS Stiletto “packs Bluetooth!” Just when I thought this sick portable satellite radio couldn’t get any better. I’m preparing pink slips for all of my iPods in anticipation for the new arrival!

Aside from Wi-Fi and a satellite reciever, the slim Stiletto 100 packs Bluetooth, meaning that might let users link to other Stiletto users without draining much power — unlike the MusicGremlin and (apparently) the Microsoft Zune, which use power-hungry ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections.

So why am I so excited about having Bluetooth as an option on the Stiletto? Music sharing and file transferring to and between laptops and pc, Advance Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) allows streaming music wirelessly via BT to a compatible headset, and it’s not a power hog unlike WiFi.

Finally, a Sirius IPod Threat [Wired News, via Orbitcast]

Pre-order the SIRIUS Stiletto 100 at CRUTCHFIELD

Pre-order the SIRIUS Stiletto 100 at CRUTCHFIELD

UPDATE 9/6/2006: SIRIUS Stiletto SL100PK1: First Ever Video!
If you haven’t drooled over the SIRIUS Stiletto from the past reports, feast your eyes on these super high resolution images. I promise you that they’ll knock your socks off! I’m counting every second until mine arrives, 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi…damn is it here yet?

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