Rumor – SL98 phone from BenQ Siemens

Do you ever have a great idea that, when you actually act on it, doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore? I’m thinking that’s the case with this new SL98 prototype phone from BenQ Siemens.


Siemens home networking sinks without trace

Ah, nothing like a game of “mock the staged PR photo” to brighten up a dour Sunday.  Appliancist link to today’s foolhardy models who are posing for Siemens’ home-automation system, Serve@Home, which seems to be implying that with a few simple taps on a wireless keyboard you can dispatch your sullen wife via a heavy monitor to the head.  In actual fact, it’s a network of appliances fitted with Siemens’ own “System Interface”, a proprietary version of powerline distribution.

Serve@Home was announced back in 2005; where is it now, do you think?


Siemen’s Slider S5 Automatic Iron

Ironing clothes can be a painstaking task, which is why Siemens has taken it upon themselves to provide us all with what’s touted as the world’s first automatic iron. This new savior of iron maidens is called the Slider S5 and features an auto-function that creates newly defined temperature levels that are suitable for all iron-able fabrics to prevent damage.

The Slider S5 has a slew of other features including an AntiCalc-System, 3-position automatic shut-off, vertical steaming function, 300ml water tank, and a “Inox-glissee” sole plate that delivers 40g of permanent steam per minute.

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