Sidekick ID spotted; still looks faintly ridiculous

Oh look, a live photo of the Sidekick ID. Apparently it’s in the hands of a certain ex-Gizmodo blogger and general Danger addict, and we can expect a review very soon. Forgive me if I can’t get too excited; I’m still miffed that the super-slim boardroom friendly handset I was hoping they’d introduce has in fact turned out to be a cross between the SK3 and a rubber-clad fetish model.

Sidekick ID found in the wild [Gizmodo]

Sidekick ID picks garish over glossy

I had high hopes for the Sidekick ID.  It looked like it would take the strengths of the SK3 (look for a review of the UK version here on SlashGear very soon!) and package them in a smaller, more dedicated handset.  Perhaps something that executives and business folk wouldn’t feel embarrassed to whip out in a meeting and peck at; after all, that keyboard is one of the best around.  But they seem to have decided to give it the cellphone equivalent of lycra running shorts.


A prematurely published rebate form on the T-Mobile US site spills the colourful beans, as well as news that the parred-down messenger will cost a reasonable $99 after a $50 rebate.  Expect it to drop on April 18th.

Engadget [via Gizmodo]

Whoops, picture of Sidekick ID accidentally shows up at CTIA

Have you ever made one of those really big mistakes (like mowing over your wife’s garden) and then upon realizing what you’ve done, you try to “fix” the problem (like trying to plant some fake flowers) before anyone notices? If you have, then you know you never actually get away with it, and in the internet age, not only do you get caught, but everyone knows about it soon afterwards.


Credit: Thanks to the guys at Gizmodo for the picture


Monaco Wireless Sidekick 3 cradle

Excuse me while I kick you in the shin and disturb your iPhone reverie to remind you that there are actually other interesting phones that haven’t been made by Apple.  The Sidekick 3 is just one such cult-handset, and in-between muttering things like “well at least ours has a keyboard with tactile feedback” they people at have been taking a look at Monaco Wireless’ cradle for the twisty cellphone.

With an emphasis apparently more on charging the battery than synchronising (since the SK3 syncs automatically and wirelessly via T-Mobile’s data network), the cradle nonetheless allows a USB connection to your PC – certainly handy for transferring photos and mp3s.  A slot for a second battery at the rear means you can quickly swap over when your first is running low; on the downside, the headphone port is blocked when the unit is docked, as are the power and volume controls.


Sidekick 3 UK – in stores now!

I’ve had a few people email me asking if I know when T-Mobile UK will start selling the Sidekick 3 – well, I was in a T-Mobile store yesterday and managed to have a play with the single model they had in stock.  Apparently they’ve had three-times the demand for them than supplies, with stores only getting replacements in once the first has sold.  So my advice is, ring ahead!  As of writing this, the T-Mobile website still has no mention of it.

My first impressions were that while the keyboard is good, the UI is a bit “kiddie”.  Hopefully the demo unit winging its way will change my mind on that point; look out for our UK-model-specific review soon!

Black Sidekick 3 in the flesh

Oh goodness, wanty wanty wanty!  The Boy Genius has managed to get his lucky mitts on an all-black Danger Sidekick 3 – not painted, oh no, solid black – the origin of which is rather uncertain.  Danger refuse to confirm or deny that it’s an upcoming model, so it could either be pre-production or a celebrity-special.  Here’s hoping for a general release!


Sidekick 3 coming to the UK – Update!

All those UK Sidekick addicts who are patiently waiting for the third incarnation of the device to hit our shores might be interested in the news that T-Mobile UK will likely release it in December this year, according to a trusted source with the username Ajax on the What Mobile forums.

Read on after the cut for more T-Mobile UK launch scheduling…


Diane von Furstenberg Limited Edition Sidekick 3

Remember that moss green Lifted Research Group limited edition T-Mobile Sidekick we wrote about early this month?  Well its been joined by this colourful little minx – the Diane von Furstenberg Sidekick, available in limited numbers from October 30th.  For those of you not particularly “in the know” about fashion, Diane von Furstenberg has gone from innovating designs to being an international brand, easily identified by the signature hot-pink lips.

Both the DvG sidekick and the Lifted Research Group Sidekick will be available exclusively from T-Mobile stores and their website.

T-Mobile Press Release

Sidekick III coming to the UK?

Sidekick fans in the Britain have been gnashing their teeth in anticipation of T-Mobile UK getting their act together and releasing the third incarnation of the instant email device; up until now, we’ve had to make do with the Sidekick II, while our American brothers tease us with news of colour-changing trackballs and sleek casings.

Looking at the T-Mobile UK site today, however, and there doesn’t appear to be any mention of the Sidekick II.  Yes, it was always quite tricky to find, but there was nonetheless a link for it.  Does this herald an upgrade in the works?  If anybody from T-Mobile would like to confirm this (please!) or deny it (boo hiss) then do get in touch…

T-Mobile UK / Sidekick III on T-Mobile US

Moss Green Sidekick 3 exposed

When I first started writing here at SlashGear I said I’d be teasing the American readership about all the cool phones we have in the UK ages before you.  Well dammit I’ve come unstuck on this one – we only have the Sidekick 2 while you lucky sods have the third one.  Now, to rub salt into the wound, T-Mobile are planning a Lifted Research Group limited edition which comes in a to-be-truthful-not-especially-pleasant green.

An Engadget Mobile reader, Andy, scanned the photo from the November issue of XXL Magazine.  Sadly no hints at price or release date, but it’s likely to be at a premium over the standard SK3.  Personally, I’d prefer the black one they’ve been hinting at.

LRG limited edition Sidekick 3 surfaces [Engadget Mobile]

Rumor of Limited Edition Sidekick III Coming Soon?

Rumor of Limited Edition Sidekick III Coming Soon?

Shhh. Don’t even utter these words because my wife might hear them. I recently dropped a few hundred smackers for her Sidekick III. Gizmodo’s reader Abe snooped around website and found a number of Easter eggs that leads us to believe that T-Mobile may release a Sidekick III in a few weeks – possibly October timeframe with a price tag of $399.

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