IncipioBud is your iPod Shuffle’s new friend

For 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle owners out there who love the tiny device for its convenience but don’t like the large dock that comes in tow, here’s a solution. The IncipioBud from myIncipio is an appropiately tiny USB adapter that lets you connect the Shuffle to any USB for transfering music or charging, all without the need of the dock.

The IncipioBud is great for travel, as you no longer need to pack the dock and cables. Just put the included lanyard on this tiny adapter and hope you don’t lose it. Priced at $5.99. Works with both Mac and PC.

IncipioBud USB Connector For iPod Shuffle 2G [Via: OhGizmo]

iPod Shuffle 2 Unboxing

Hang on, do Apple actually grow the iPod Shuffle 2 in a tiny hydroponic case?  No, of course they don’t; this is just the packaging you doofus.  Palm Is Life decided to document the unboxing of their Shuffle, and ended up with some lovely photos.  It’s quite difficult to conceptualise the sheer tininess of the critter; who will be the first person to send me a photo of it clipped to their nose as a scale comparison?


iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation Now Shipping

For the eagerly awaiting fans of the iPod Shuffle, get ready because the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle has now just begun shipping. For all preorder customers, expect delivery date to be November 3rd. This incredibly tiny device boasts 1GB memory, USB connectivity, and up to 12 hours of continuous playback.

2nd-Generation iPod Shuffle Now Shipping [Via: Techeblog]

Wraptor by Mophie for iPods

Yay, just what we need, more iPod accessories. This time for your tiny iPod shuffle. The Wraptor by Mophie, is made of clear Lexan polycarbonate to protect your precious pod without hiding it. It’s also designed to easily spool and keep your headphone lines from tangling. Costs $15, preorder now, shipped before October 12th.

Wraptor For The iPod [Via: Techie Diva]

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