TwinMos Mobile Disk P1 – bright and shiny with blinking lights

I don’t know about you, but as a geek, I must admit, bright, shiny, and blinking are at the top of my list of “things that instantly and easily distract me”. Now, I know that’s a weird list to keep track of, but it started with squirrels and penguins, so I feel kind of normal for that.

Well, this new USB drive from TwinMos hits all three, its bright, mostly due to the LED lights and reflective surface, its shiny (again with the reflective surface), and its blinking (the LED’s blink, hopefully quite rapidly for maximum distractiveness). Oh, and 4GB USB drives also garner my attention.


Slim PSP Reviewed

Weighing in close to 100 grams lighter than its predecessor the new, slimmer PSP also has other promising features. Of them is the potential for VoIP in a future firmware upgrade.


Jonny Glow to keep Johnny on target

Apparently the shiny factor that mesmerizes a lot of us, applies to all males. At least that is the idea behind this product. The Jonny Glow Toilet Locater glows from beneath the seat to help the boys find their mark.

I’m not sure why any full grown male would need this, because if he misses I’m pretty sure that he is capable of cleaning it up right away to hide his transgression. However, I can definitely see the perks of having one for the younger boys. It would be helpful for potty training especially.

If you do have an easily distracted male in your household you might want to snag one of these. They are priced at $11.99.

Jonny Glow: Toilet Locater [via shiny shiny]

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