AT&T Offers Free Wi-Fi Access

Yes, it’s free but only at AT&T’s WIFI Hotspots and provided that you are also a subscriber to AT&T’s broadband service with 1.5-Mbps plan or higher.

AT&T has more than 10,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in places like Airports, Bookstores, McDonald, Convention and Hotels. The free access is currently being offered for premium subscribers only, leaves majority of poorer folks like us in the dark. AT&T says the new offer will allow more than 10 million AT&T broadband customers to enjoy free access starting early next week.

Are you one of them? Lucky you, I can’t recall when was the last time my cable carrier throws in a free meal like this. They also reveal a faster 10 Mbps broadband plan U-verse customer at additional cost of $55 a month.

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Two Hundred Thousand Dollars Ticket to Travel in Space.

The space tourism company Virgin Galactic unveiled a new model of the commercial spaceship, SpaceShip Two rocket plane and WhiteKnight Two mothership in New York today. The owner Richard Branson says he is hoping the new design will provide paying passengers into space on a regular basic next year. The commercialize space business from Virgin Galactic offers once in a lifetime space travel experience and it’s 10 times less than what Dennis Tito, a US businessman paid for his $20 million expedition by Space Adventures of Vienna in 2001.


World’s Largest Swimming Pool cost nearly Two Billion Dollars to Build

Seriously, take a long and deep breath if you’re thinking of making a lap in the swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo city, Chile. The 20 acres man-made saltwater lagoon measures more than one thousand yards in length, 115 feet deep and fills with 66 million gallons of water. It overwhelmed the World’s 2nd largest pool in Morocco, the Big Splash, which has a mere size of 150 x 100 yards. Yesterday, the Guinness Book of Records has officially recognized the San Alfonso lagoon as the World’s largest swimming pool.


Dish Network to Offer HD-Only Option but not Good Enough

The HD enthusiast that wishes for HD only package can get it from Dish network starting February, the 1st with a mere $29.99 a month. The service includes more than 70 HD channels that are currently available at Dish network from Essential and Ultimate packages minus premium movie channels, sports packages, NHL HD and NBA HD. I’m a certified HD-freak, paid full premium at TWC just to get the 4 extra premium movie channels with an outrageous cost of $96 a month and I never once watched the extra hundreds of SD movie channels that come with it. The Dish HD-only’s offer is not good enough unless they throw in ALL the HD channels, I can skip SD and don’t mind paying extra but I do need a wholesome of HD-ONLY package as long as it’s within a reasonable cost . How many readers out there are with me?

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HBO Gone Broadband on Demand

The Packers fans lost their dream to Super Bowl XLII last night but some of them will be the first in the country to experience HBO on Broadband service tomorrow. The TWC-owned-HBO is rolling out an online video service, HBO on Broadband, to reach the glowing internet crowds that spend most of their online minutes streaming video.


GE Money Lost Backup Tape with 650,000 Card Holders Information

Personal information belongs to 650,000 US customers of J.C. Penney and up to 100 retailers, including 150,000 social security numbers in a backup tape was reported missing by GE Money. GE Money been trying to locate the backup tape since October but it simply vanished into thin air inside a storage vault owned by Iron Mountain. The authority believed the missing records have not been exploited in any way and insisted the incident is not an act of identity theft but a misplaced tape case.


TWC’s twisted Plan for the Glowing Video Streaming Business

The Lucifer of 2nd largest cable provider is back in taunting mood. A small city with population of 110,000 at southeast Texas about to experiment the new Satanist plan from Time Warner Cable. Starting first quarter this year, new cable subscribers at Beaumont, Texas will have to weight their all-you-can-eat buffet at the counter. The chief is complaining 5% of their customer bases consume over the threshold, extra charge will be weighted by scale for the big eater, but they wish to continue the buffet business as usual. Oh wait… No money back if you eat less.


Helio Mysto hitting mass market today

So the Helio Mysto, the second phone Helio stole from Samsungs top of the line Ultimate Edition line, is finally hitting the market so everyone can get one. If I may remind you, they had a 2-day sale of them in just a couple stores for the two days right after Christmas and then that was it.


BluFocus launched Services for Blu-Ray Quality Control

If you aren’t much of ps3 game console user but own a standalone Blu-Ray player, there’s one service that may spark you interest. BluFocus, a new company launched to provide movie studio an advanced testing and advisory service Specialist for Blu-ray movie titles. Yes, the hi-def hardware is too sophisticated they need a dedicated software specialist in Quality control.


My Cable Company offers to Cut Down the Service Cost, Voluntarily

You don’t get these every day. When was the last time you heard anything positive about the tyranny Cable company? Bad service, terrible manner, incompetent technical support, excessive service cost…and the list go on. I am sure most of you been there and done that but I experienced something different today, something positive for a change.


The Future of Blockbuster Plan on the Move

Mark Cuban mentioned the future of movie rental business is having larger storage media and movies purchase at local electronic chain store or freight, forget about disc. Look like Blockbuster is doing it, Jim Keyes, the CEO of Blockbuster announced at CES 2008 about their plan to become entertainment convenience store by having an electronic downloadable kiosks at brick and mortar stores front. Media will be selling via flash device instead, at least that’s what they are working on it. But there’s more to the future of Blockbuster.


CES 2008: Polaroid Freescape

Imagine combining the best of the TiVo and the best of a SlinBox all into one and you have a pretty good idea of what Polaroid is offering up with the Freescape. It’s a DVR, is a wirelessly streaming media hub, and it’s a place shifter, it is the ultimate in digital entertainment hardware.


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