Can noise-cancelling headphones live up to the promise? Sennheiser on test

Once upon a time one of the cheapest ways to make a tangible improvement to your enjoyment of a gadget was to invest in a new set of headphones and bin the schlocky $1 set that the manufacturer bundled with it. Now with the current fashion for noise-cancelling technology that’s not so true any more; yes, there are some damned good sets out there, but they’re not so cheap any more. TabletPCReview spent $110 on Sennheiser’s PXC-300 from Amazon and put them through their proverbial paces.


SENNHEISER Introduces Stylish New Headphone Lineup

SENNHEISER Introduces Stylish New Headphone Lineup

Old Lyme, Connecticut—September 2006—For today’s active music lovers, style and mobility rank almost as high as sound quality in the choice of headphones. Fortunately, Sennheiser, the acknowledged world leader in headphone and microphone technology for home and professional audio, understands this, and has created the Style Line of ultra-lightweight earphones combining innovative design and elegant forms with true high-fidelity performance.

Three new models, each distinctly different in design but sharing their high-performance underpinnings, comprise the new Style Line, offering ideal sound delivery for music listeners using iPods, other personal MP3 players, portable CD players, and the full range of mobile music electronics. All employ Sennheiser’s latest, miniaturized driver, which incorporates a specially tuned damping system optimized for ear-canal operation to yield smooth, detailed response while delivering all the clarity and impact that experienced listeners rely on from any Sennheiser model.

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