Review : Sanyo Katana II from Sprint

With new fashion phones launching every day, it’s difficult to stand out. While some might see this as offputting – or as an excuse to churn out a dull-but-serviceable handset – Sprint have obviously viewed it as a challenge. Their Katana II cellphone, an exclusive to the carrier, goes to show that entry-level needn’t mean poverty-spec.


Sanyo LP-XL40 projector works at a close range

If you remember back to your school days you can likely remember a time where the teacher brought out a projector so that something could be displayed on a pull-down screen. You’ll likely also remember that there were usually more than a couple of kids in the middle of the room that had to move their desk to accommodate the projector.


Sanyo’s new projector has bags of contrast

Fresh from the rumour mill comes word that the replacement to Sanyo’s PLV-Z5 High Definition projector might be arriving sooner than expected.  The PLV-Z6 is expected to have a 14,000:1 contrast ratio (almost 50% more than the Z5), with some sources suggesting full 1080p resolution.

Release date could be anything from July to November this year.

[via I4U News]

CES 2007 : Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair

CES 2007 : Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair

I'm not a big fan of massage chairs, but Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair is so comfortable I can sit on it forever. It features SANYO's intelligent stiffness detection sensor technology, which diagnoses stress areas by measuring changes in pulse rate and perspiration and using the results of the finding it will provide a customized massage to relief your stiffness. The chair also moves the body into the most neutral position with diminished stress on the back. This position also provide better circulation. It will be available in Spring this year and No pricing information available yet.

Sanyo’s New PLV-Z5 Home Entertainment Projector is high on contrast

Sanyo’s latest home projector, the PLV-Z5, features an unprecedented 10,000:1 contrast ratio and a unique twin-iris system. This high performance projector delivers brilliant rich colors and true-to-life images with outstanding gradation in a variety of viewing environments and even well-lit environments.

The PLV-Z5 works well in rooms of all sizes, being able to project a 100-inch screen at only 9.8 feet away (up to 20 feet). And its easy to setup because of its advanced lens shift capability that allows it to be played from just about any location. Priced around $1,695.

Sanyo M1 music phone launches on Sprint

If you’re a Sprint user and you fancy a music-phone, from today they’ll be happy to sell you the Sanyo M1.  Complete with 1gb of on-board memory which you can either fill by hooking the M1 up to your computer via USB 2.0, or by downloading tracks over Sprint’s network, you can dance to your heart’s content for up to 18 hours, after which your battery will be dead and you’ll have to do something else instead.

I suppose it’s vaguely attractive in a sort of angular/chunky way.  You’ll also have access to Sprint TV which means 50+ channels of content (20 of which are live), with sound coming through the external stereo speakers.  The M1 also has a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 and speakerphone.  Full specs (and price) after the cut.


Sanyo Eneloop Solar Charger

So you’ve got the hybrid car, the fuel-cell bike, and the solar panels on your roof, all you need now is the Sanyo N-SC1S Eneloop Solar Charger for charging all your electronic devices in an eco-friendly fashion. The device can charge rechargeable hybrid batteries in about 2.5 hours, and can also charge USB-equipped gear. Will be available in Japan starting on November 21st for around 20,000yen or $170.

Sanyo Eneloop Solar Charger: charges your iPod too [Via: Engadget]

Sanyo M1 in the wild

Are you a Sprint user?  Do you want a Smartphone?  Would you like a 2 megapixel camera, dedicated music transport keys and 1gb of on-board memory?  Well you’ll want to be adding the Sanyo M1 to your wish-list, won’t you, and maybe these photos will help sway your opinion…


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