Heroes is coming to Fanfare

Following the disagreement with ITunes early this year, NBC Universal turns partnership with SanDisk Corp for web-based content services. The hardcore Heroes fan must be thrilled to see the return of Hiro Nakamura once again back on the downloadable web format but that’s not all. Coming this January, 2 hit comedy “The Office”,”30 Rocks” together with “Heroes” will be feature on Fanfare and there are more to come from NBC’s sister network such as USA Network, SCI FI Channel, Bravo, NBC Sport, News and many more.


Samsung 64GB SSD performance benchmarks

Earlier this month Samsung sent over their new 64GB solid-state drive for us to play with, and Vincent promptly slapped it into his MacBook Pro to see whether it made much of a difference in access speed.  Well, we’ve finally dragged it away from him, extracted the SSD and put it through some benchmark testing.

As a test machine we used Alienware’s m9750 laptop running Windows Vista 32-bit (as we reviewed here), comparing the Samsung 64GB SSD with Sandisk’s 32GB SSD in both single and dual-drive RAID-0 configurations.  After each hardware change we reinstalled the laptop’s OS using Alienware’s supplied restore disk, then ran HD-Tach and HD-Tune to test burst and transfer rates.


Alienware M9750 Unboxing Sporting Samsung 64GB SSD

Today we unboxed an Alienware M9750 laptop with dual 32GB SSD from Sandisk. The laptop was provided to us by Alienware, via Samsung Semiconductor Group. This will give us a chance to bench mark the Samsung versus Sandisk solid state drive.

Make sure to check out our 64GB Samsung drive that we revealed earlier this month.


SanDisk’s Vaulter launches your loading speeds

SanDisk is producing a solid state drive that works side by side your existing hard drive, to speed up booting, and eliminate long load times on frequently used files. The drive is in PCI Express form, so it will work in your desktop or notebook computers.


Hands-on & Live photos of SanDisk’s tiny huge memory card: 8GB MicroSDHC

After a little sweet-talking at the SanDisk event, Vincent was allowed to spend a few minutes in the company of their marvellously capacious MicroSDHC. 8GB of storage in something the size of a thumbnail is plenty impressive, although if you insist on carrying around the accompanying card-reader (which I suppose you could pretend was some sort of Star Trek phaser) the whole package gets a little bulky.


SanDisk Event – We are LIVE!

SanDisk Event – We are LIVE!

Well you know that SanDisk event that I mentioned yesterday? Yeah, we wound up there, it’s all kind of hazy how, but somehow Vincent wound up in LA surrounded by extremely attractive members of the opposite sex and ice sculptures.

He has been generous enough to bless us with pics, and soon to come, videos. For now we have these pictures, more will be added as they come.

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SanDisk drops 8GB microSDHC card

Well, with the iPhone and iPod Touch coming in 8GB capacities a single expansion card slightly larger than the home button on both of the aforementioned devices is nothing to dismiss. That means that you can take just about any modern phone and grant it the same storage capacity of the iPhone.

There are also M2 cards in the same capacity for those that have compatible devices with those cards. Anyways, like I said, 8GB of storage is a lot when it can all be fit on such a tiny, tiny card.


Sandisk files lawsuit against everyone

SanDisk is well-known for their flash memory. Any electronics store you walk into is going to carry their flash drives. They won’t be the only ones you see though, there will be up to a couple of dozen products from other manufacturers on the shelves as well. Take a good look at the competition there, as SanDisk is suing each and every one of them.


Sansa TakeTV and Fanfare beta

Today SanDisk is announcing an end to end PC to TV video solution. Basically what it enables you to do is browse on your computer for TV shows, and I am sure other video, and download it, then move it from your PC to the TV where you would normally watch that type of stuff.

No more squinting in front of a PC monitor to watch the latest episode of House! The content on Fanfare is free for now, but they are/will be offering your choice of free (supported by ads) or paid content.


SanDisk View redesigned to directly compete with iPod Nano

So you want to sell a few more units of your first ever flash-based music and video player, what do you do? You scrap the original full-screen design and go with a model that looks, and surprisingly works, almost just like an Apple product.

That seems to be the way things work these days, if you want to move any units at all, make whatever it is you are making look and function like some Apple product. Even though this player bests the Nano in screen real estate at 2.4 inches, the Nano will probably still sell more.


SanDisk Shipping 8GB Memory Stick Micro M2 Flash Cards

They aren’t quite shipping them to the public yet, instead they are shipping them to phone manufacturers and wireless network operators so they can test and try them out. Apparently they are just about only used in Sony Ericsson phones for storage of music, pics, and vids.

I suppose the idea of shipping these enormous flash cards for various phones and devices is that most media player manufacturers are hitting around the 4-8GB range in their players and they are selling like crazy. So instead of letting them take the entire market, they are just making cards to go in their mobile devices that make them comparable options.


SlashGear Review: SanDisk Cruzer Contour USB Flash Drive

Right now, USB drives seem to fall into one of three categories.  You’ve got your bargain basement, no-brand sorts, often to be found as giveaways full of promotional literature at trade shows; then there are the bizarre drives, shaped like sushi or animals.  Finally, there are the drives that aim to be the modern-day version of a gentleman’s cigarette holder (only far more socially acceptable and a darn sight healthier); something weighty and classically designed, which you can fiddle with while you’re not actually using.  SanDisk are decidedly proud of their Cruzer Contour, a drive falling resolutely into that final category, and they sent one over to SlashGear hoping that we’d like it so much we’d let them get to second-base.



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