Belkin N1 Vision router

Belkin comes up with fresh new design for its N1 Vision router. The N1 Vision router simplifies setup process and making it easy to monitor your wireless network. It has a display on the router itself to give you real-time reports of activities on your router.


Powerline-ethernet technology continues to grow with new I-O DATA routers

Ethernet over powerline is one of those technologies I never really thought would take off, but given the number of new products launched using PLC – everything from streaming media to expanding your home network without relying on WiFI – I guess I’ve been proved wrong!  Latest is I-O DATA’s PLC-ET/MY range, which offers you a choice of wired (the MY-R) or wireless (the MY-G54) ethernet distribution options.



Bring the internet along on your next road-trip

Mobile data access via your cellphone is nothing new, but the costs can certainly mount up if a number of people are using it.  Add in the inconvenience of either tethering your handset to a computer (whether by Bluetooth or cable) or, worse, trying to do all your surfing via your phone’s display and you start to see the business model for AutoNet Mobile’s product.  They’ve taken all that’s good about high-speed mobile internet access and bundled it inside a WiFi router that’s powered by your car’s battery.  Net product is seamless internet on the move, with some help from AutoNet’s own cell-tower transition smoothing wizardry.

The fact that it pumps out WiFi means no specific cables, no Bluetooth speed or range limitations and no need for handset/carrier specific software.  It’ll be offered on select Avis rental cars later on this year in 10 major cities, or available to private buyers for around $399 with a $49/month service rental charge.

AutoNet Mobile [via Autoblog]

ASUS WL-700gE Router Supports For Computer-less BitTorrent

Anyone and everyone who share software, videos and music online need to get the ASUS WL-700gE.  This bad boy gots the goods.  Everything from support for computer-less BitTorrenting directlyover the box’s WAN port, 3.5-inch 160GB internal disk drive, 3 x USB 2.0 jacks, 4 x wired Ethernet ports, a built-in firewall and other applications such as FTP, Samba, and UPnP/DLNA.  It will even share speakers, printers and USB tethered webcam across the net.  While ASUS has every good intention for the WL-700gE to be used in a legal fashion, there are those who will abuse it for illegal activities.


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