Open-Mesh offers mesh-network WiFi extension for $49

WiFi is great until you start reaching the fringes of your router’s range, at which point throughput slows to a trickle and you start dreaming of nice, reliable ethernet cables.  Happily there’s an alternative to snaking CAT-5 around your skirting boards; Open-Mesh makes Mini-Routers that, when plugged in and registered, automatically create a mesh-network and thus boost your WiFi coverage.


TRENDnet TEW-672GR dual-band WiFi N router

TRENDnet have begun shipping their 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless N Gigabit Router, the TEW-672GR.  Capable of using either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands, the TEW-672GR also has four gigabit ethernet ports and a “double firewall” using both Network Address Translation (NAT) and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) protocols.


Linksys WRT610N router for simultaneous dual-band WiFi N

Linksys have released their latest WiFi router, the WRT610N, the claim to fame of which is its ability to simultaneously maintain WiFi band-N connections on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.  The benefit is in being able to use each band for separate, bandwidth intensive applications; 5GHz has a shorter range but higher throughput, while 2.4GHz is backward compatible with earlier WiFi versions that would usually slow the whole network down.


PCI GW-MF54G2 Multi-Function Mini Router – tiny like Tim

This mini router is nearly pocket sized and has a wireless antenna, presumably a plug for some sort of power source and then one Ethernet port, that’s it. It keeps it simple in an effort to keep it small.


Apple Time Capsule Review – Backup Made Easy for Leopard Users

Data backup falls resolutely at the dreary end of the tech-task scale; periodically market researchers release stats showing how few people take the time to safely copy their accumulated files, usually prompting a guilty DVD burning session which never gets repeated. Apple’s Time Capsule, then, was welcomed with excited upon its announcement; with the slick, careful design Apple are renowned for, could they manage to make even backup sexy? To be fair, it’s a pretty huge challenge. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a nicer looking network hard-drive, or one so straightforward to set up, but Time Capsule undoubtedly has its caveats.


Apple Time Capsule NAS storage

This think got its name partly from its intended use, you see currently you have to have a wired, direct-connected hard drive in order to use Time Machine, but with this thing, you can backup wirelessly, or over a network, if you wanted to, and you can backup directly to this drive instead of some other external drive. If this thing works with PC’s as well as Macs, and if it works as just plain old NAS as well as backup storage, than this will by far be my favorite release that was announced today. It’s also the only announcement where the product isn’t available now, in fact, it won’t be available until February.


Boost WiFi with a pop can

MAKE has a link to a metacafe video where a lady demonstrates how to use a soda can or two to boost your WiFi signal. The instructions are simple, and all you need is a marker, an empty pop can or two that have been cleaned out, a hole punch, and something that can cut the cans without bending them too much.

You start by removing the tab, making some markings, cutting the can in half from top to bottom, punching a hole for your WiFi router/AP’s antenna, and then putting the antenna through the hole. There is a recommendation of using a marker to make the cans uniformly black, but I don’t think that matters.


Linksys WRT600N

Oh, all this WiFi N business makes me chuckle, they don’t even have a set standard, its still in draft stages, and they have been selling the hardware for like a year or something like that, so dumb. Anyways, Linksys is bringing you the latest from Draft 2.0.

It uses a Broadcom chipset for dual-band 802.11n goodness and even had gigabit Ethernet ports. You can even hook up an external USB drive and make it into and NAS as well.


Sonos ZoneBridge 100

So what does this thing do? Who is Sonos? Sonos is the company that enables you to literally spread your music and other web-based audio streams around your house like its your manifest destiny.

The ZoneBridge 100 does one of two things, lets start by saying that without this device, you have to dedicate on of the ZonePlayers to wherever your router or internet connection is, with this device you no longer have to do that, it can take the place of the one device with an internet connection allowing the rest of the system to be wireless. Or, if you’d prefer, and you have a hugemongous house, you can use it as a simple range extender for your Sonos system.


Motorola CPEi300 and CPEi800 WiMax Modems

What better place to unveil your offerings of WiMax modems than at WiMax World USA? That’s exactly what Motorola did, with one of their offerings, the CPEi300, appearing to be production ready or better.

The CPEi800 is mostly the same thing as the CPEi300, except the i800 has 4 Ethernet ports and WiFi, so I am just going to give the stats of the i300. First thing I must say, it looks pretty good for a wireless broadband modem, other than that, there are 4 ports and a reset button on the back. From left to right, there is a phone jack, Ethernet port, power port, reset button, and lastly another phone jack.


New HotSpot @Home router revealed by FCC docs, is T-Mobile looking at VoIP?

T-Mobile is really pushing their HotSpot @Home service, which is good for everyone. Who wouldn’t want a phone that makes calls for free when you’re at home, or at some of your most frequented places? According to a new FCC approval, they may be teaming up with Linksys for a new router. This time they’re not just looking at your cell phone.


Phoebus MB6000 – Walk and Connect Wirelessly Like An Egyptian

First the facts, its shaped like a pyramid, but no one is buried inside. Second the technical specs, 802.11b/g WiFi router powered by your 3G card.


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