Rockstar Social Club is open for registration

I thought I’d remind you that there’s a new game coming out later this month. It’s called Grand Theft Auto IV. Honestly, I don’t think I know anyone that’s even heard of the first games, so it should be a fairly quiet launch. They’re going above and beyond though, even going so far as creating a so-called “Social Club” for it and some of their other games.


Censored GTA IV in Australia due to lack of “adult” rating

We’ve heard that Australia won’t be getting the exact same version of Grand Theft Auto IV as the rest of the world. It is unfortunate, and Rockstar has spoken up about why they decided to create the special edition for the Land Down Under.


Grand Theft Auto IV shortages expected in the UK

If you’re living in the UK and want to get your hands on Grand Theft Auto IV when it hits stores later this month, you may want to get down to your local shop and get it pre-ordered. Retailers are fearing that they may not have enough stock to meet the demand.


Grand Theft Auto IV coming to your Nintendo DS

According to this document that is supposedly from a game retailer the Rockstar Games’ upcoming All-Star is coming to a DS near you for some hardcore stylus action. I honestly have no idea what they are thinking bringing such a game to that handheld, but if Rockstar is at all involved in the port it should remain as epic as you remember the games.


Rockstar set to launch online stat tracking site

Do you enjoy keeping track of your gaming stats online, rather than logging into your console just to see how you’re fairing against other players? I always find it much easier (and usually productive) to navigate my way around a website, rather than wander through various screens on a console title. Well if you’re like me, you’ll love the Rockstar Games Social Club.


Users reporting Bully patch to be ineffective

So RockStar finally made good on their word and released a patch for Bully: Scholarship Edition on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately users don’t appear to be very satisfied.

We don’t have a lot of information at this time, but many people are reporting that the patch really didn’t make things much better. What’s worse is that some people are actually saying the patch made things worse.


Rockstar to make announcement regarding Bully patch today

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the issues many people were experiencing with Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360. Rockstar claimed to have no knowledge of such bugs during testing and promised that they were working around the clock on a fix. Well they’ve been true to their word, and the patch they spoke of should be coming down the pipes soon.


Grand Theft Auto IV officially earns “M” rating

As the April launch of the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV grows steadily closer, more details are coming in. The latest bit of news is that the ESRB has finally given the game it’s official rating.


Analysts predict Iron Man ticket sales will be down due to GTA IV launch

Movie studios have to be careful when they pick a weekend to release a new movie in theaters. They mostly have to worry about a larger movie opening at the same time and drawing away a good portion of their sales. No one really worries about a different medium interfering with ticket sales. However, the sales expectations for Grand Theft Auto IV may have a negative impact on the release of Iron Man.


Rumor – RockStar Games going PS3 exclusive

While things have certainly changed since the launch of the PS3, there is still one major complaint that people have about Sony’s flagship console. The fact that the PS3 doesn’t have an excessive amount of exclusive titles is brought up wherever fanboy arguments break out. For those of you sitting in the PS3 camp, you will likely be able to tell your 360-loving enemies that all future Grand Theft Auto titles will likely be exclusive to your favorite console.


Rock Band issues being addressed by Harmonix

So the Rock Band issues that a lot of you have been experiencing are being addressed by Harmonix. Specifically the issue with the strum bar on the guitar.


Drum Bag for Rock Band drums

I am really excited about Rock Band, I have yet to be able to make it out to buy my own copy, its been busy around here, but I am patiently waiting till I get a spare moment. But for those of you who have already managed to purchase a copy, I am sure you’ve come up with a slight transportation problem when it comes to the drums, there are a lot of parts.

Well, the makers of Rock Band have your back once again, they have, for sale, a customized bag specially made to fit all the drum kit parts inside in an organized manner. Now all you need to do is get some decent sticks, a drum pad, and then work on your technique.


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