Rock Band

G4 leaks potential Rock Band 2 tracks

So how long after the announcement of Rock Band 2 did you think it would take for someone to leak a partial set list? Turns out we needed only a few days. The good folks over at G4 were kind enough to show a brief screen of the upcoming title with 11 tracks listed.


Rock Band Weekly DLC – Crüefest

A little while back it was announced that Rock Band was going to be rocking Crüefest, which kicks off today. So it only makes sense for Harmonix to release a few Crüefest-themed tracks, right? Hit the jump to see what will be available for download today.


Rock Band 2 coming in September, for the 360 at least

If you guys are anything like me, you’re pretty damn excited about Rock Band 2. Details on the game are still fairly scarce (and will likely remain so until E3), however, we do have an idea of when we’ll see the game on store shelves. Let’s just say that Xbox 360 owners will be a little happier than everyone else.


Rock Band 2 is official!

Man, every now and then I get blindsided by an announcement that I just wasn’t expecting. Sure, we all knew that Harmonix was working on Rock Band 2, but I really didn’t expect to hear anything official until E3 at the earliest. Well the cat’s out of the bag, so read on for some highlights of what to expect about this awesome sequel.


Rock Band Weekly DLC – Weezer and Pixies

Today is Tuesday, which usually means a three-pack of songs to download for Rock Band. However, they’ve decided to change things up this week by not only giving you a trio of tracks, but they’re also putting up an entire album from the Pixies. Hit the jump for the details.


SlashGear Review – Rock Band Wii

So I’ve had Rock Band Wii for a day or so now, and I thought I should be nice and share my thoughts with all of you, just in case you had any doubts or worries before it hits shelves next week. Hit the jump for my full review.


More Offspring coming soon to Rock Band

I was born in the 80’s, which means I did most of my growing up in the 90’s listening to alternative music. I’ve really been happy that Rock Band has been bringing back some of the songs I know and love so that a new generation can really enjoy them. I listened to a good bit of Offspring back in the day, which is why I’m happy to hear that they’re going to be adding more tracks to the game in the future.


First look at Rock Band Wii

Every now and then I open the door to find the FedEx guy holding some very nondescript brown boxes. These are my favorite days, as it generally means something new to review has arrived. The latest boxes weren’t quite so nondescript, as they had the words Rock Band, and Wii.


Rock Band Weekly DLC – Avenged Sevenfold, Offspring and Crooked X

I’m starting to like this trend of seeing new music released on Rock Band at the same time it is released to the general public for purchase. The latest track to follow this trend comes to us from The Offspring. Check out the list of tracks available today after the jump.

  • Avenged Sevenfold “Afterlife”
  • Avenged Sevenfold“Critical Acclaim”
  • The Offspring “Hammerhead”
  • Crooked X “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream”

There is no track pack this week, so you’ll have to pick and choose which tracks you want. The first three listed are going to set you back the usual $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360), while the Crooked X track will only run $.99 (80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360).

Rumor – New Rock Band DLC leaked

I hate watching commercials. I don’t watch much TV, and would like to get the most out of the times I do sit in front of the boob tube. This would be why most of what I watch is already pre-recorded, thanks to a DVR. However, commercials do serve a purpose. Not only do they inform potential customers of products and services for sale, they also leak the occasional bit of unannounced news.


Some Clues to the absent Who’s Next DLC

So we’ve all been waiting around to hear the announcement of when the album “Who’s Next” will be showing up on Rock Band. I know that I was pretty surprised when the first full album ended up being from the Cars. Well, while Harmonix has made no official announcements on the matter, we may have found a cause for the delay, straight from the mouth of Pete Townshend himself. Hit the jump for a quote.


Rock Band 2 to honor Bo Diddley by featuring his iconic guitar

I’m not sure if any of you are blues fans out there, but last week one of the greatest legends of our time passed away recently. Bo Diddley was 79 when he left us, and it seems that Harmonix will be paying tribute to him in the second installment of Rock Band.


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