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Harmonix dev speaks out about Rock Band Wii DLC issue

Are you a Wii owner that’s just itching to get your hands on Rock Band for your beloved console? I can’t blame you, as the game is fun as hell. However, it won’t be quite the same experience that is found on the 360 or PS3 due to the lack of downloadable content. When asked about this decision, Rob Kay, design director at Harmonix pointed the finger squarely at Nintendo.


Awesome mushroom drum pads

I have been considering customizing my drum kit for Rock Band for a while now, however, I haven’t figured out exactly what I should do. The easiest thing to change would be the drum pads, and I think I have finally been inspired by this awesome mod.


Rock Band Xbox 360 release date and pricing confirmed for Europe

It seems like Rock Band has been out forever here in the US. I almost can’t remember a time when I wasn’t able to rock out to all of these awesome tracks. Unfortunately Europe has not has such a luxury. Thankfully the official launch date has been confirmed, and it’s not too far out, at least for the 360.


Crocheted Covers for the Rock Band drum kit

For any rockers who enjoy their Rock Band at 3am you might be causing issues with roommates or neighbors from pounding away at the drum kit. These crocheted covers are just the thing to muffle the sound a bit.


Hotels offer Guitar Hero and Rock Band to entertain you

It’s news like this that makes me think that I’ve been staying at the wrong hotels when I travel. I don’t stay in the slums or anything, but I’ve also never been to a hotel that has offered Guitar Hero as a form of entertainment.


Rock Band Weekly DLC – The cake is not a lie

This is a triumph. Somehow the crazy cats at Harmonix have not only managed to get “Still Alive” from Portal into the game this week, but they’re throwing us a curve ball and releasing it for free.


Rumor – Rock Band priced and dated for Europe

I have been saying for some time that I feel for the gamers on the other side of the pond. I am of course referring to those in Europe who, in this case, have yet to even find out a release date for one of my favorite games, Rock Band. Thanks to a listing on a French site, we may finally have a better idea of when the game will hit store shelves in that part of the world.

According to French retailer, you can expect to get your European hands on the game starting May 22 of this year. This is far better than the feared “Fall 2008” rumor that we heard a while back.


No DLC for Rock Band Wii

I’ve been pretty excited to hear that Rock Band is finally headed to the Wii. Since I picked up my Wii earlier in the month, I’ve barely felt the need to turn on my 360. However, I have been concerned about the Wii’s ability to handle the kind of DLC that makes Rock Band so great. Harmonix has stepped up and let us know exactly what is going on in regards to this.


The Chain Mail Guitar Hero Strap

Almost all Guitar Hero or Rock Band fans typically likes to customize and make their plastic guitars their own. Be it with a guitar strap or an entire sheet of stickers and occasionally one of the custom made guitars that most of us just have drool over in pictures posted on the net. If you like the guitar strap route, nothing says hardcore rocker like chain mail.

Although this strap might not fit as well when you’re doing a bit of the classic rock, it’d fit in perfect with a bit of metal. The down side is for those that like to play with groups of friends and typically pass their guitar around, the strap isn’t adjustable. You have to tell the maker the measurements you prefer and he’ll make it to your specification.

It is made from 16 gauge Aluminum rings, which apparently doesn’t tarnish. If you would like you can get a slightly more personalized strap and have a specific color of rings put on. The strap is currently being sold for $33

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Rock Band Coming to the Wii June 22nd

Rock Band has been one one of those games that has dominated more of my free time since launch than I care to talk about. Unfortunately for some, the game has been available on only the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, Harmonix has announced that the game will officially be available on the Wii in just a few short months.


Rock Band Weekly DLC – Six from Boston

Guess what tomorrow is? No, not your anniversary, though if it is you’d better have gotten your spouse something damn good. They’ve put up with you longer than any person should, and that deserves a special gift. Where was I? Oh yes, Rock Band DLC. This week we’re getting a double-dose of Boston. Hit the jump for this week’s smokin tracks.


Exclusive European Rock Band Tracks revealed

I feel horrible for my European gaming brothers, as you still have not had the opportunity to experience the awesome gift that is Rock Band. We’ve heard rumors and musings, but still no rock solid release date. However, you’ll be pleased to know that you do have some exclusive content heading your way once it does grace your stores. Hit the jump for the complete list of exclusive tracks.


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