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Raon Digital Everun Note benchmarks suggest best netbook performance yet

Raon Digital’s Everun Note was always going to get some attention due to its compact size, but the company’s marketing department have really put the cat among the pigeons with the release of a very promising benchmark screenshot.  Using an AMD Turion 64×2 Dual Core 1.2GHz (1MB L2 Cache) processor with 1GB of RAM, the figures – yet to be third-party verified, remember – knock Atom performance into a cocked hat.

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AMD Turion prototype believed to be new Raon Digital UMPC

AMD know better than to launch a new processor without a few slick prototypes to demonstrate it with, and the most eye-catching at Computex has been this dinky UMPC.  Specifications are believed to include a 7-inch touchscreen running at 1024 x 600 and the AMD Turion X2 Ultra 64 with 1GB RAM.  Storage is courtesy of either a 60GB or 80GB hard-drive, while connectivity includes two USB (plus a mini-USB port), audio in/out and VGA out.

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Raon Digital Everun UMPC – incredibly detailed review

If you’ve been waiting for the low-down on Raon Digital’s Everun before splashing out the cash on one of the dinky UMPCs yourself then look no further.  UMPCPortal’s Chippy has obviously been burning both ends of the candle putting together one of the most comprehensive ultra-portable reviews I’ve seen.  No area of the Everun goes untouched, including the unique optical mouse, limitations and capabilities of the performance and potential applications.



HSDPA-equiped Raon EVERUN UMPC in the wild

It might look like UMPC-addict Hugo Ortega is using a vintage brick cellphone, but in fact he’s flaunting his latest toy: Raon Digital’s EVERUN UMPC.  Steve Paine showed us his on Wednesday, but the key difference here (and the reason Hugo has the EVERUN clamped to his ear) is that Steve’s didn’t have the HSDPA modem. 


Raon Digital Everun UMPC on video – looks awesome!

Oooh, let’s put aside our papercraft iPhones (because seriously, you’re going to get a papercut if you keep rubbing it to your ear) and feast our greedy eyes on Steve Paine’s Raon Digital Everun UMPCproduction sample.  Lucky Steve had a quick run-in with the Raon team and was left with a bit more info and – more exciting – an Everun of his own to play with.


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Preorders taken for Raon’s long-lasting Everun UMPC

As any mobile user knows the arch-enemy of productivity is battery life.  Either you use up the power in a flourish of full-steam-ahead efficiency, or you throttle everything back, eke out a few more minutes, and suffer the annoyance of waiting for a severely under-performing CPU to churn through its tasks.  That’s why Raon’s Everun UMPC was so keenly received; it promised an impressive seven hour battery life from the standard pack, or a massive twelve hours with the extended one.  Now it’s gone up for preorder with mobile device specialists Dynamism.



Another chance for Raon Digital’s Vega: can it be redeemed?

Can the Raon Digital Vega UMPC claw its way out of the mire of poor reviews we’ve seen it languish in over the past few months?  Is there anyone other than the Carrypad UMPC Journal that can even begin to overlook the absence of any wireless connectivity?  Is the first-generation of this otherwise cool device destined to be a mere stepping stone to what I’m hoping is a kick-ass replacement?  That’s a lot of questions, and I’m looking to my favourite cam-whore Kevin Tofel over at jkontherun to answer at least a couple of them.

So where do we stand?  Well, the Vega can’t multi-task, it can’t handle media-heavy applications (like the Zune’s software) and Skype calling was choppy and glitchy thanks to the underpowered CPU.  On the flip side, web-based apps like Gmail and Outlook Web Access – where the bulk of processing is done server-side – ran smoothly.  So what does this make the Vega?  An over-complicated web-tablet or an underperforming UMPC? 


Raon Digital Vega suffers another body-blow

It’s not getting much better for Raon Digital’s dinky little Vega almost-UMPC – after an initial flurry of positive vibes it’s now coming in for some major criticism.  We’re not just talking “oh, that power button reminds me of a nightmare I had when I was three, I hate this computer!”, it’s seriously lacking in wireless connectivity (think: no WiFi or Bluetooth), lacking in graphical grunt and the OS is less than preferable.

In fact, these are the exact concerns of the latest review at UltraMobileGeek, who tried the Vega out for size as a carputer and – having had his experience of using the device as a portable PC soured by the absence of Tablet OS (it runs XP Home) – media player.  GPS navigation (via a Bluetooth dongle and separate receiver) worked well, but the mediocre specs of the Vega prevented their in-car front-end software from running.  As a PMP, when compared to the iPod, Zune and Zen Vision M they conclude that “the primary disadvantages compared to the above products are size, price, boot-up time, and the tendency to run warm after long video playback times” – a pretty serious list if you ask me!


Vega not in vogue at pocketables

SlashGear loves reviewers that tell it like it is – whether that be waxing lyrical about the latest must-have product to steal their heart, or heaping scorn onto flawed and fail-worthy rubbish.  So it’s good to see Jenn over at pocketables pulling exactly zero punches in her review of the Vega UMPC, Raon Digital’s WinXP-running handheld PC with a 4.3-inch passive touchscreen. 

Despite lacking internal WiFi or Bluetooth, the Vega has managed to score pretty well in past reviews, so if there’s any overall lesson to be learnt here it’s that the success of any mobile device is vastly dependent on the needs and lifestyle of the individual using it.  Jenn criticises the no-longer-competitive price ($879 from Dynamism, in her case), sub-par text-entry methods, unattractive design and poor performance as an impromptu laptop-replacement.


Raon Digital Vega gets a thorough thumbing

So we’ve had the unboxing, now comes the nitty-gritty.  The good folks over at the Carrypad UMPC Portal have done a full-on review of the Raon Digital Vega UMPC, and found that – while the lack of built-in bluetooth or wifi is a chore – it’s a great addition to a mobile lifestyle.  Of particular note is their section on using the Vega as an in-car entertainment and navigation tool.

Raon Digital Vega review [Carrypad UMPC Portal]

More Specs and Pics on the Vega UMPC

Korean company Raon Digital listed their one and only product – the Vega UMPC on their website.  I know we’ve covered this device on SlashGear, but the follow-up with more info and images will help give you a better view of the product.  It’s a shame it doesn’t have an integrated keyboard of some sort.
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