Slacker Mobile prototypes buggy, but cool

Walt Mossberg, the prophet of all other tech journalists, likes the Slacker Mobile, provided they fix all the bugs. For those not in the know, its basically internet radio on the go with the ability to customize and store the streams.


Design Town Vintage Style Radio looks old

It has a handle on top, like the ones that used to come on your lunchbox, and it has a telescopic antenna. To make matters worse, it only plays AM/FM radio, seriously, who listens to that crap anymore?


Roberts Radio launches WiFi Internet Radio/Media Player

I love WiFi radios, I have never used one (except on my PC, never a standalone unit though), but I love the concept, and this latest success from Roberts Radio is no exception with its sleek, basic appearance and WiFi functionality. You can even plug in your MP3 player to this radio.


pocketDevice Mphone Radio Number One Special Edition

That’s the distributors name, manufacturers name, and then the last 5 are the actual product name, in the title. What a mouthful, anyways, its an Italian device, and it’s a different look at a similar idea.

Basically they took and built a decent MP3 player, and then added the GSM phone functionality, instead of the general way of thought where they build a decent phone and then add an MP3 player function to it. Its very basic too, it weighs 60 grams, has an MP3 player, Phone, USB, Bluetooth FM Radio, Voice Recorder, and a 1GB microSD card that comes with it.


Creative Zen Stone Plus giving Apple even more troubles

So first, the Zen Stone came out from Creative, and the fact that it wasn’t an Apple product, combined with the fact that it was the same size, with similar functionality as the Shuffle, and it was slightly cheaper, well that was enough to help the original model sell a good number of units. Well now it appears Creative is besting Apple’s Shuffle in more areas than price.

In fact they are fixing one of the few flaws of the shuffle, the lack of a screen for navigational purposes. Then they are upping the storage to iPod Nano levels with 4GB for the Zen Stone Plus.


Boost WiFi with a pop can

MAKE has a link to a metacafe video where a lady demonstrates how to use a soda can or two to boost your WiFi signal. The instructions are simple, and all you need is a marker, an empty pop can or two that have been cleaned out, a hole punch, and something that can cut the cans without bending them too much.

You start by removing the tab, making some markings, cutting the can in half from top to bottom, punching a hole for your WiFi router/AP’s antenna, and then putting the antenna through the hole. There is a recommendation of using a marker to make the cans uniformly black, but I don’t think that matters.


Nokia N82 might finally be unleashed

The entire existence of this phone is mostly speculation, but Nokia has gone and pulled a viral marketing stunt that has given the laundry list of rumors some weight. The ad has the N series logo, a red curtain and a countdown timer, which when I checked it, was at 21 hours and some change.

If speculation comes true, this N82 is shaping up to be a better handset than the N95, which doesn’t make much sense. Anyways, some of the more extravagant specs are a 5MP cam with a Xenon flash and auto focus and GPS, the rest are fairly plausible for a Nokia handset.


Is the new 80GB Zune better than the comparable 80GB iPod Classic?

The answer appears to be yes. The guys at Giz took 6 reviews from other sites and did a Frankenreview with them, and all of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. They all bring up several points where Microsoft is finally making moves.

The first is the wireless syncing, which is, and you have to admit it, an amazing feature. Next is the large screen and the shaved off bulk from its predecessor.


Acelabs S3 PMP

Every time I see the abbreviation for Personal Media Player I want to stick an “I” in there, anyways, this latest PMP from Acelabs is pretty bad ass. Its called the S3 and starts with a 2.8 inch QVGA screen that can show up to 260k colors.

On top of that there is an FM radio, voice recorder, and an FM transmitter, so no extra hardware required when you use it in your car, well, maybe a car charger. It’ll work for 15 hours on sound alone or 4 hours for video playback.


Technonia IXING TM-M1 PMP

Its thin, its pretty, its pretty thin. That’s just about the best way to summarize this 5.6mm thin MP3 player.

Well, that and the fact it has an easily forgettable, far too long, and highly confusing name, the IXING TM-M1. The screen is OLED and it appears to have touch sensitive buttons like that of the LG Chocolate.


Cowon A3 for sale Nov. 14th

There are some pretty amazing features that come with this PMP too. Lets start with the screen, its 4-inches diagonal, 16 million colors, and has a res of 800×480, that’s as good as my TV.

Then there is the FM radio with built in recorder, a USB host, MPEG-4 video recorder, and up to 1280×720 HD output. Codec support includes FLAC, DivX, and OGG, and I assume there is a sufficiently longer list of other codecs supported as that list doesn’t have any picture formats and no MP3 support in the list either.


Nokia E51 available in Germany

The E51, which was announced last September, is now available for purchase in Germany. It’s a business phone, and it can perform business functions like Speedy Gonzales himself with its 3G HSDPA and WiFi connectivity.

You can even use VoIP on the phone when you have a WiFi connection in order to save money. There is also a 2MP camera that has a 4x digital zoom.


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