CES 2008: Joby GorillaPod Accessories

So the GorillaPod is not new, still cool, but not new, what is new is the accessories they are now packaging with it. There is a suction cup and a couple of Velcro attachments each of which are mountable on the GorillaPod just like a camera.


The Solar Powered Battery for the PSP

I am always all about any gadget that utilizes solar power, but sometimes just using solar power isn’t enough. Occasionally you have to actually think the design through a bit. The PSP can now harness solar power through deal extreme, but not in the brightest way.


CES 2008: Pinnacle Video Transfer removes the hassle of converting video formats

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to convert my videos to whatever format/dimensions/size the device I am trying to load them onto requires, so you better believe I am happy to hear about what Pinnacle is bringing to the table. You plug in this device, and your choice of iPod Video, iPod Nano 3rd edition, iPod Classic, PSP, or USB flash drive or hard drive and you can instantly start recording to whatever device you just plugged in.


CES 2008: PSP Getting Skype support?

With rumors already abounding, Sony’s CES 2008 video Easter Egg only adds to the speculation that the PSP will be receiving a Skype bump. Check out this picture below which is apparently only available for 1 frame.


PlayStation store cards finally hitting shelves

So if you have a PSP or especially a PS3 the content available for purchase on the PlayStation has probably garnered your attention, well, they are finally putting the pre-paid cards for said content on store shelves. So far it appears to only be the $20 cards, and even then have so far only been seen on an army base.


Sony’s PSP is now Internet Radio ready with Firmware 3.8

Not only PS3 2.1 is live today, Sony also brought Internet Radio on PSP with the delivery of new firmware 3.8. The owner of the multimedia portable Playstation is now able to access diverse selection of music from thousands of radio stations and OPML format is also supported for importing channels as promised.

Link to FW Download [via gametrailers]

PSP getting Internet radio from SHOUTcast

It appears as though the PSP is getting internet radio sometime soon with the next firmware upgrade. Along with that the upgrade includes better support the OPML and pictures in RSS feeds.


PSP Phone concept, I think I like this one the best

So gamers realize that when cellphone manufacturers try and combine gaming and cell-phones they usually screw it up, so in an effort to push Sony-Ericsson in the right direction, some guy came up with this design for the PSP phone. It maintains the full functionality of the PSP but adds the phone functionality in.

It looks like it’s a dual slider that slides up for the phone keypad or at an angle for the PSP controls. Sure, you might lose the UMD slot with this design, but it’s on its way out already, so by the time this phone would be released, you should be good to go.

The best part is that instead of trying to build a gaming platform onto some mediocre mobile devices, you’d be taking an already fairly well-developed gaming platform and try and build a phone into it, I have a feeling that it would work a lot better this way. Also, this guy apparently things that a PSP phone would be deservant of a 3.2MP cam on the back and hopefully 3rd or 4th generation WWAN access on top of the WiFi the PSP already has. Sadly, this is just a concept, and not even one from Sony or Sony-Ericsson, but it’s a great one, so it probably won’t get used.

Sony Ericsson PSP phone should be the dual-sliding device! [via intomobile]

PSP downloads from Sony could be coming direct to the PSP in the future

In an interview, a Sony guy (Eric Lempel) stated that they were definitely working on bringing access to the PlayStation Store directly to the PSP. At first, you could only download the games for your PSP through a PS3, then a few days ago, they allowed the same functionality, but through a PC.


Nintendo DS or Sony PSP? Which is the SlashGear holiday choice?

As the holiday season fast approaches, we’ve been getting questions from readers regarding which portable games console they should buy for themselves, their friends or their kids.  It’s hard to believe that there are still people out there who haven’t decided on a side in the PSP/DS war, but here are a few factors you should consider before splashing your cash either with Sony or Nintendo.



Sony upgrading the battery behind the PSP

Sony is finally listening to the gamers and releasing a new, upgraded, longer lasting battery for the PSP. The extended life battery will retail in mid December for $45.


Sony’s Slim PSP sold over one million unit since its launch in September

Sony’s Slim PSP sold over one million unit since its launch in September

PSP went on diet and gets more popular in Japan as it passes 1 million unit sales within two months. The slimeline PSP went on sale in Japan on 20th of September and according to Sony, it managed to sell 500,000 units within the first two weeks. Sony sheds 19 percent of the slim PSP thickness and 33 percent of its weight. Despite its slim down, the PSP gains more features such as a video-out port. However, Sony still behind Nintendo in handheld console wars as Nintendo’s DS Lite stays ahead in the game.

PSP 'Lite' passes 1m sales mark in Japan [via reghardware]

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