Modder adds analog sticks to PSP

I’ve always kind of wondered why Sony didn’t bother putting analog sticks on the PSP. That would be like not putting rumble in the PS3 controllers. Oh wait. For those of you that own a PSP and have a strong desire to use such controls, it is possible, though it will take some hard work to achieve.


Nine year old jacked for her PSP – this is not a joke

In what is quite possibly the funniest and most horrible thing I’ve heard all day a 9-year old girl was kicked by an older (16-18) year old boy only to have her PSP taking. It’s literally as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Am I a horrible person for laughing at this story? Probably, but not near as horrible as the boy from Great Hollands, Bracknell who committed the act on Monday.


Japan finally getting Skype for the PSP

When it comes to most games and accessories for the PS3 and PSP, Japan usually gets first dibs, while the rest of the world waits around. However, in the case of Skype support for the PSP,  Japan is still waiting around on it. Don’t worry though, they’re finally getting it later this month.


Sony adds ‘Matte Bronze’ to your PSP color choices

I’m a big fan of having choice when it comes to my gaming needs. Being able to select a color that suits me it always welcome, however, I think that there comes a time when you’ve just got too many colors. The DS has been released in more colors than you can find in nature, and the PSP is getting to be the same way.


New PSP Cradle coming to Japan in April

I love cradles. No, I don’t have a thing for babies and the places they sleep, but I hate having to fuss with plugging in a cord to my mobile devices. I’d rather just plop it down into a cradle and be done with it, then when I need it again, I just grab it and go. Naturally if I had a PSP (I know, I really need to pick one up) I’d be excited as hell over this new accessory.


Sony releases mint green PSP, its St.Patrick’s Day-friendly!

It looks like Sony has been in a colorful mood as of late. We just heard word about a new red PSP bundle for God of War, rumors are flying around about white PS3s showing up in stockrooms and now there’s a new PSP color available in Japan.


Sony announces new red PSP bundle

The Nintendo DS has come out in more colors and flavors than Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Sure, that’s a bit of a stretch, but some days I’ve really started to wonder. Not to be outdone, Sony has been releasing their PSP in a variety of new colors of late. The newest one is in honor of God of War: Chains of Olympus.


MyRacer MF101 does gaming and media on the go

The games are of the Flash and/or Flash Lite variants and are loaded into either the devices 1GB of memory or an SD card. The same goes for music and movies as well as any other media this thing can accept.


Sony announces wireless Playstation Store for the PSP

We’re living in an age where everything is wireless. With 3G broadband access and WiFi hotspots virtually everywhere, there’s no reason you should have to plug in a mobile device for any reason other than to recharge it. After Apple released their iPhone, they rolled out their wireless iTunes Store. Now Sony has confirmed that they will be doing something similar for the PSP.


PSP rumor surfaces again in Sony Magazine

If I had a nickel for every time I heard rumor about a PSP phone, I probably wouldn’t be rich, but I’d have quite a few nickels on my hands. What’s interesting is that this time the rumor is coming from the Official Sony Magazine.


Sony cuts PSP development kit prices in half

I’ll admit that over the last year or so, my faith in Sony as a gaming company has wavered. Sure, I’ve loved my PS2, but the insanely high price of the PS3 combined with a lack of a good amount of exclusive titles was making me question their ability to connect with today’s gamer. The PSP was also a bit of a disappointment (and who can forget that whole “all i want for xmas is a psp” ordeal). However, they’ve really seemed to turn things around, and 2008 is already shaping up to be a good year for them. We just saw the new PSP firmware which added Skype compatibility and now they’ve announced a price cut for the portable console’s development tools.


Skype on the PSP is now live

Go get the update now! Firmware 3.90 offers up Skype, well, that’s the major addition from the update, I have no clue what else it does, but after you have Skype on your PSP you probably won’t care either.

The downsides are as follows, first, you have to have a PSP-2000, aka the PSP Slim. The second is that the little remote that came with that model PSP, yeah, you had better still have it, as its apparently necessary (probably where the microphone is).


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