Double Range Guitar is a must-have for PS3 rockers

Back when Rock Band made its debut for the PS3, there was a huge stir about the controllers from the Guitar Hero franchise not playing nice with the game. While Harmonix tried to smooth things over by releasing a patch which would allow GH controllers to work, it never saw the light of day because of a dispute with Activision. With no resolution in sight, Ant Commandos has released their own guitar that will play on all versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band for both the PS2 and the PS3.


Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 announced for PS2 and Wii

One of the things that makes Rock Band so great is the steady stream of fresh DLC. That’s true of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, however, those rocking out on the PS2 and Wii are left out in the cold, due to their inability to download new tracks. Thankfully Harmonix has a solution.


Konami to release Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection for the PS2

Don’t set that PS2 aside just yet. Even though the console has been out since I was in high school, people are still pumping out new titles. It would be great if the PS3 still had decent backwards compatibility, but I digress. The next big release to look forward to is actually a collection of old games. The first three Metal Gear Solid games to be precise.


Rumor – God of War: Chains of Olympus is heading to the PS2

Have you been itching for some more God of War goodness lately? If you have a PSP, you could always go out an pick up a copy of Chains of Olympus, but I’m going to guess you’d already have done that by now. A new rumor coming down the pipeline suggests that you may not need a PSP to get your hands on the portable God of War title.

Industry insiders claim that the PSP title may get ported later this year to the PS2. This would make for yet another reason why you shouldn’t unhook your old console just yet.

There is speculation that the port will not actually be handled by Capcom. It would likely be handled by a yet-unnamed LA-based developer.

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