LG KU990 NYX Chocolate Phone video – The next Prada phone?

Our sister site SlashPhone is reporting that LG’s upcoming phone, the KU990 have striking similarities with the Prada phone with its keypad-less 3-inch touch screen design. Although it is still not confirmed, the KU990 might be the next Prada phone.

The LG KU990 features five-megapixel camera with built in flash module, HSDPA data connection support, FM radio, and Muvee video editor.

SlashRumor: LG KU990 NYX 5 Megapixel Chocolate Phone [via slashphone]

LG plan WM6 Prada Europe launch in September

Back in February we showed you photos of a little surprise LG had sneaked into the 3GSM conference: what looked to be a version of their Prada cellphoneonly running Windows Mobile 6.  Then, LG reps were cagey about specifications and how the phone would fit into the existing lineup, but Arne over at the::unwired has obviously managed to milk a little more knowledge out of them.  Apparently the final design will be Blackjack sized but very similar in form to the Prada, only thicker, and it’ll launch in September.



SlashGear Review: LG Prada phone

LG’s Prada phone rather upset the Apple-cart. Until the slender fashion-handset stepped into the limelight, analysts were happily joining up the dots between Synaptic’s Onyx concept and Apple’s iPhone, and fully expecting to see the capacitive ClearPad technology appear in Cupertino’s long-awaited handset. Then out struts the LG, and all of a sudden the catwalk is decidedly more crowded than perhaps Apple expected it to be.


SlashGear Unboxing: LG’s gorgeous Prada phone

Were I a superficial person, I’d judge manufacturers by the swishness of their packaging; Apple would obviously score highly, whereas most mobile phones – in their crummy thin cardboard boxes and egg-box moulded insert trays – would languish at the bottom of the pile. However, LG’s Prada cellphone is an exception to the rule; I got my hands on one the other day, and thought I’d share the unboxing with you…


Questions abound: is the touchscreen interface easy to use? Is the Prada influence more than skin-deep? Is that really my accent? Two-thirds of these questions will be answered in our full LG Prada phone review, later this week!

LG Prada Bluetooth headset for your Prada Phone

Talk about having zero info – there’s absolutely nothing I can tell you about this Bluetooth headset other than it’s made by LG Electronics and Prada will sell it in May.


LG Prada running Windows Mobile 6 – Exclusive Photos!

There’s been a lot of conflicting reporting about the LG Prada’s OS, fuelled by some reported sightings of the handset running Windows Mobile 6 rather than the Flash UI previously seen in photos.  Well, Ahbao of SlashGear-sister-site SlashPhone has been prowling the mean aisles of 3GSM and scored some images of the WM6 version.


According to deeply reticent LG reps this is not the final casing for the phone, and when pushed they refused to say whether the handset will be the commercial version of the Prada handset, another variant in the line or a completely different model altogether.


LG climbs into bed with Microsoft under their PRADA sheets?

All Apple/Microsoft fanboys and girls should make their way over to MYiPhone, where a discussion is kicking off about an apparent collaboration between LG and Microsoft that puts Windows Mobile 6 onto the rather sexy PRADA phone.  Now previews of the handset so far have shown it running a sparse Flash Lite UI, but according to Business Week it’ll likely hit the market using the Microsoft Smartphone OS.

It’ll be interesting to see how sales figures compare to the amount of hype these two phones – and maybe now the Samsung F700 too – have gathered since announcement.

Will a Microsoft/LG deal give Apple a run for its money? [MYiPhone]

LG Parnters with Prada for next iconic phone

LG is courting all sorts of artists and designers to create iconic products from bejeweled appliances to now a Prada mobile phone. This iconic phone-to-be will boast a combination of high-end technology with avant-garde design and will obviously feature that soon-to-be-ubiquitous glossy touch-sensitive navigation interface instead of a conventional keypad.

Expect this fashionable phone to launch in early 2007, starting in Europe and Asia. US is left out as always. Haute mobile couture anyone?

LG Electronics Wears Prada [Via: Aving]

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