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Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB charger – Jackpot!

Ladies and gentleman, we have finally arrived. A manufacturer finally took notice of the increasing number of devices that charge via USB and has been kind enough to finally start integrating that technology into surge protectors/power strips.


Road Pro 12 Volt Sandwich maker will undoubtedly cause death if used will driving

This is a sandwich grill that is intended for use in your vehicle. It has the 12V automotive power adapter (cigarette lighter power) built in and everything, but I wouldn’t recommend using it while driving.


NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 coming on March 11th

Its such a short time away, but as ATI already announced their dual core DX10 capable card, NVIDIA had to make a move. They have, they are releasing their twin 9800 card at the beginning of next month.


Eddie Bauer rechargeable flashlight

Check out this neat little flashlight whose end is literally the automotive power adapter that plugs in to charge it. There is also an orange cone tip for the light so you can use it to signal traffic like a police officer (although I wouldn’t recommend it).


Verizon selling Venture Mini hands-free calling/FM Transmitter

Could this be the first completely wireless FM transmitter ever? I think it could be, it used the A2DP Bluetooth profile to transfer music from, well, from wherever its coming from, but presumably your mobile phone.


CES 2008: APC AV’s C2 power filter discretely protects your flatscreen

It’s ironic that people are willing to spend so much money on high-end LCD and plasma TVs but then blanch at buying power regulating equipment that could save their screen in the event of a lightning storm or power surge.  APC AV are certainly taking the “but it looks ugly” argument out of the equation with their C2 Power Filter; while it might resemble little more than a black shoe-box, the fact that it’s merely two-inches deep means it can be sited behind a wall-mounted display.



Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapter Kit

During the summer time my dad DJ’s for different events and I can tell you it’s nerve wrecking when you can’t find the cables/adapters you need. The Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapter Kit is a god-send in those instances. It comes with just about anything you’d need.


Killer Notebooks Uchigatana packs desktop power

Not like say a Toshiba packs desktop power with comparable speeds, memory capacities and all that. This thing packs desktop power as in there is an LGA 775 socket with a desktop Intel processor inside the case of this laptop.

This isn’t the first laptop on the block to give this ago, I have a Gateway that I hate with a passion because it has a desktop processor in it and overheated constantly and kept battery life at a mere half hour, maybe more if I was lucky. Apparently the battery issues with this laptop are pretty much the same, and they even had to beef up the power adapter to make it run, but they seem to have a pretty good solution for the cooling.


Belkin’s low-cost UPS reviewed

Over at Gear Diary Kerry Woo is unwittingly making me feel guilty about my computer setup – yes, I’m surge protected (well, not me personally) but seeing them review Belkin’s Battery Backup with Flashlight reminds me that should the power go out it’ll instantly take the PC with it.  UPS (uninterrupted power supplies) used to be huge, ugly grey blocks that lurked in the corner, but Belkin are making overtures for more visible areas of the house with a design that’s both vaguely attractive and also includes a handy battery-powered torch.



New gadget powers your devices while you fly

It never fails, whenever you’re someplace far away from an outlet, your most precious gadget’s battery fails you. The airplane can be one of those annoying places. Luckily Inflight has developed a cool new gadget that can save the day.


When packaging sells a product: Energizer’s emergency charger

Seventeen to twenty-five minutes ago, if you’d told me I was going to be writing about a portable emergency charger that runs on a couple of AA batteries I would’ve spat in your dirty face and tripped you head-first into the mud.  And yet here I am, about as cogent as I can get surrounded by all these damn owls, wide-eyed in admiration for a product’s packaging.  Ellen over at Gear Diary has reviewed a tubby little device which, in one of those “cellphone battery is dying; how will I call the kidnappers now?” situations, could come in ever so useful for eking out a few more conversations; what grabbed me, however, was Energizer’s genius idea to make the various charging cords accessible through a hole in the plastic blister-pack.


eCoupled introduces what I’ve always dreamt of!

ECoupled will introduce their wireless charging technology at CES, and Slashgear will be there! We will try to get pics and videos of the myserious new technology. eCoupled will users to charge all of their electronic appliances without wires.

I have dreamt of something like this for a while now. I always thought, “perhaps we could charge devices over bluetooth.” Now this is a possibility (not over Bluetooth, but wireless nonetheless) with eCoupled’s technology.

eCoupled’s site doesn’t have much info, just a press release and an email address, telling people to wait for CES, when the grand technology will be there for all to see. eCoupled is a subdivision of Fulton Innovation, and all the technology from eCoupled will be viewable at booth #68747 at Sands, at CES.

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