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Unboxing the HTC Advantage

I’m still on the fence with the HTC Advantage (formerly known as the Athena and briefly, the Ameo), mainly because I’ve asked myself why would I need such a device that acts like my smartphone except much larger? I’ve heard HTC’s justification but don’t quit buy it, yet. Possibly a hands on when it finally arrives stateside this summer, may make me think differently.

The HTC Advantage sports a built-in GPS powered by TomTom software for the European market while it’s still unknown for the US market. Other HTC given features include quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE plus HSDPA/UMTS (850/1900/2100). I remember seeing the Advantage all over the T-Mobile booth at CeBIT – so it’s likely T-Mobile USA will launch the device here.


Ministry of Sound tries again with PMP

I’ve been scathing about Ministry of Sound DAPs in the past – and rightly so, they’ve churned out crap – but with the advent of their latest audio and video player I might have to change my tune.  The MOSMP100X10 (yes, that’s a good name, well done guys) is pretty much a 3.5-inch QVGA screen with a moderate amount of casing around it and a SD slot, capable of playing mp3, mp4, WMA and WMV files.

At just 0.6-inches thick it’s portable, but the slender depth is mainly because it doesn’t fit a hard-drive inside like so many competing products do.  A 1GB SD card is supplied, which is pretty poor, although they’re claiming it’ll hold six hour of audio or four of video.  Line-in ports for audio and video round out the package.

At £150 ($292), am I going to recommend it?  No.

Ministry of Sound joins media player fray[Electronista]

The key to safer data storage?

The key to safer data storage?

These days we seem to carry just about everything on our USB drives, from family photos to important client documents. While most of us wouldn't be too upset if the pictures of our recent family trip to see grandma got into the wrong hands, we might not be quite as apathetic about our client documents. There are a number of different methods of encrypting such files, but most require us to add yet another password to our daily lives.

A new product from Kanguru Solutions aims to make carrying around sensitive date a little easier. The Bio Slider is a USB drive that has a built in biometric scanner, so with one swipe of your finger, all of your data is unlocked. The Bio Slider starts at $100 for a 512MB and is offered in sizes up to 2GB. Now you'll never have to worry about those embarrasing pictures of your uncle Bruce being unleashed into the wild.

How to lock down your USB drive [via Crave]

Spectec SD card displays Pocket PC on a larger screen

Spectec SD card displays Pocket PC on a larger screen

Spectec has released a connector that fits into the SD slot of your Pocket PC and allows you to display video from your Pocket PC onto larger screens, including computer screens and projectors.

It can be connected to the screens via S-Video and VGA using an adapter that is included. The specifications can be found on Spectec's website, along with other products that take advantage of SD slots in Pocket PCs.

A remote is included with the device, although it is not very intricate. You can play and pause, and fast-forward and rewind video. The SDV-841 model uses the mini SD slot, while the SDV-842 uses the micro SD slot.

Spectec Product Page [Via: Spectec]

Reading on The Move

Reading on The Move

A new devcice called ROEM (short for Reading on The Move), allows users to roll up paper easily, and be able to read the papers normally afterwords. The type of paper is noted as "electronic paper", something we have never seen before. Ofcourse, this is all a design concept and was created by one Ben Lai.

The screen would contain piezoelectric material, and would eventually allow colours to be displayed. The device rolls up so that you would never tell it was an electronic paper device! The best part is the type of charging it uses: fanning the screen.

The ROEM would be able to be used as a photo displayer, language-aid, MP3 player, and even a navigation (we here at SlashGear guess that means GPS) tool. Dictionary software would be included, along with sizable fonts. The design can be viewed at Yanko Design's site.

iTheater Eyewear Mimics Virtual 50″ Screen

iTheater Eyewear Mimics Virtual 50″ Screen

The iTheater is a fantastic piece of eyewear that projects video from any source (iPod, PSP, DVD, etc.) using its twin TFT LCD monitors built inside with sound included. The initial worry is the strain on your eyes but don't worry iTheater apparently replicates a 50" (230,000 pixel resolution) screen from a distance of 8.5 feet. The inclusion of the dual screen forces your eyes to focus and relax so less headaches. The iTheater also features built in headphones for your movie experience and the battery that last for 8 hours, which is long enough to watch Braveheart twice.

When you literally want to block out the noise of reality and watch videos with no interruption grab the iTheater. It also comes with a USB charger to keep it going. The iTheater is a bit bulky and I was waiting for the magical Bluetooth and internal harddrive but it comes with neither. This is a hot item selling by the dozens. The iTheater makes a great present and ipod accessory. Some online retailers are completely sold out but you can still get it by Christmas.

Price: $249.95

iTheater [Via: Firebox.com]

Nokia 6639 DSLR, Zippo Lighter, Swiss Army Knife Phone

Nokia 6639 DSLR, Zippo Lighter, Swiss Army Knife Phone

This fake hit the scene about a month ago but I feel our viewers need more insight if it were real.  Lets suppose it's real and proceed. If I can get my hands on one, it will be my next phone; the Nokia 6639. I love Nokia and I can't say enough about their phones. The phone is not viewable on Nokia's website so the information is limited but there's one thing I'm not concerned about when it comes to Nokia; features. The Nokia 6639 is a Swiss army knife, a Zippo lighter, a double mega pixel digital SLR camera and it has Photoshop. When I learned of this I almost did a backflip. The phone has a 1024 X 768 pixel screen and it also features a Pentium M-Dothan binuclear 2.0GHMz with dual channel 512MDDR2 memory with expandable features. Need I say more? The phone will support every video and audio format available to mankind and will display 16 million colors on the TFT screen. Obviously, this phone is made for the paparazzi because you can attach a huge SLR lens to the back-end and use the built-in email client to mail it to sources; thus a profit and you can buy another one.

The camera's exposure can be set to a variety of modes and you can change the aperture priority, shutter priority, and more. It also features a Swiss yataghan Plug procedures remote control (with the public wireless transmission protocol), thermometer, needle guide, LED beam, and additional features for those who enjoy the outdoors. The phone will also feature wifi for connectivity to access points. This feature is a huge priority to people willing to spend hundreds of dollars. For such a phone I'm sure it will be powered by the dominant Symbian Operating System and the navigation will be the same. Who wouldn't buy this stellar piece of God-send technology if they had the money?

Note : This is a wishlist (vapoware - not real product)
Price: Official Not Set (Guess $1000+)

Nokia 6639 DSLF Zippo Phone [Via: Trendhunter.com]

Cowon A2 PMP gets unboxed

Leaving presents for departing colleagues are tricky things to judge.  First there’s the harrowing task of going round the office looking for donations – you’re bound to resurrect a few “he stole my favourite mug!”-style gripes – and then you have to decide what to buy.  If you’re a woman, it’s a pretty good chance that you’ll either get toiletries (you are legally obligated by the terms of your contract to make the “are you trying to say that I smell?” joke) or some dubious jewellery; if you’re a man, then you might get the biography of whichever sportsperson has recently retired, or worse-still some sort of bargain gadget from the supermarket.  “Thanks, I’ve always wanted a pedometer-cum-alcohol-units-calculator.”  So it’s fair to say that Doug over at Gear Diary struck lucky when finishing a contract recently – they gave him hard cash!

Being a shameless geek, Doug took that cash and, rather than donating it to sick ponies, bought himself a shiny new Cowon A2 PMP.  To assuage his guilt he’s decided to share the unboxing ceremony with us.  Thanks Doug! 


Nokia’s stance on portable music is transparently obvious

A man walks into the doctors entirely wrapped in clingfilm.  He says to the doctor, “I think I’m going crazy, could it be true?”  The doctor takes one look at him and replies “yes, I can clearly see you’re nuts.”

Obviously that’s a joke that works better out loud than on the screen, but it’s the first thing I thought of on seeing Nokia’s transparent ghettoblaster – a simple perspex box with stereo speakers, a strap and shelf for your Nokia XpressMusic phone.  They’d like you to think that it’s the perfect accessory to take out into the park and broadcast your taste in music with, but I can’t help but see it as another case of the Emperor’s new clothes.

It’ll be launched in Finland when the weather turns nicer.

the cool hunter [via Core77]

Microsoft Zune in action – Wireless Song Transfer

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the guys at Microsoft 10 have got their hands on a Zune, but two of them?!  I’m shocked and appalled at this blatant favouritism, and you can be sure that as soon as I’ve finished watching their video of the music-playing marvels transferring songs between themselves I’ll be writing a letter to the Pope in complaint.


Seriously, though, this is a make or break one for the bods over at Microsoft.  Wireless could be the must-have PMP feature with Zune riding the crest, but if they lock it down tighter than the underpants of a particularly devout nun then they run the risk of other, more moderate companies stealing their thunder.  I mean, watch their video and tell me it’s not a cool feature!

Microsoft 10 [via greg hughes dot net]

Microsoft Zune Pricing and Retail Availability Date

After Apple shaved its iPods pricing, Microsoft does not want to be undercut by it. Today Microsoft has announced the pricing for Zune and the retail availability date. Zune will be available on the 14th of November and priced at $249.99. Zune pass, a subscription service for Zune will cost $14.99/month. Microsoft also announced the pricing for accessories for Zune ranging from $19.99 to $99.99.


StormBlue A9+ Bluetooth Music Player

Essentially a portable digital media player with Bluetooth. Now you can interact with your mobile phone, get Bluetooth headphones, and perhaps share music? Not sure on the sharing part, but this StormBlue A9+ is good for both audio and video and is compatible with most music files including MP3s, Ogg, WMA, and WMA DRM. Produced by Advanced MP3 Players (AMP3) of the UK, this player is available with either 2GB or 4GB on-board Flash memory. Costs 149 euros (approx $190 US) for the 4GB.

UK firm touts phone-friendly Bluetooth media player [Via: Reg Hardware]

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