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Samsung Launched 3D-Ready Plasma in Korea with million-to-one Contrast Ratio

Samsung has launched its 3D Ready Plasma TV Cannes 450 in Korean Market. Like TI DLP-3D Dualview technology, the Samsung PAVV Cannes 450 is just another 3D Ready display that requires particular glasses, software or hardware to support 3D content. But for Samsung, the Cannes 450 is industry first Plasma TV with 3D capability and has a whooping 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio rating.


Pioneer to cease 42-inch Plasmas

No more value and budget size Plasma, It’s Kuro or we’ll get it from someone else. While many of us are still struggling to get the first value medium size flat screen, manufacturer like Pioneer is ceasing the production of a 42-inch plasma TV by end of March next year. They will continue to market and sell displays of that size for now, but Pioneer will focus solely on pushing displays with 50-inches or larger.


Panasonic Re-introduces a better 103-inch 1080p Plasma

We thought the big Plasma outfit from Panasonic was for show, no go. Apparently, they’ve proved us wrong by publishing the number of 103-inch Plasma unit sold in a Japanese commercial and kept pushing the sizes up to 150-inch at CES 2008. The Big-Plasma-Biz must be good for Panasonic. They have reintroduced the same 103-inch with few upgrades for commercial line and wealthy individual looks to impress their clients or neighbors.


Panasonic delivers a TV that is designed to be Wii-proof

Do you remember back when the Wii came out? It seems like ages ago, but it was only a little over a year ago. People were really excited to get one. So excited in fact, that they would forget to keep a firm grip on their Wiimote and send it crashing through their very expensive flat panel TVs. While Nintendo has taken several precautions to ensure flying Wiimotes are a thing of the past, Panasonic is doing their part to keep your TV in one (working) piece.


Fifteen Panasonic’s 103-inch Plasma Sold So Far

Remember the Panasonic’s 103-inch plasma TV? It was once the world’s largest Plasma TV but it has been replaced by the 150-inch model this year announced at CES 2008. Anyway, if you wonder anyone would spend that sort of money to get a $50,000-$80,000 plasma instead of a projector, think again. The news from Far East reveals there have been 15 of them sold worldwide from US, Europe to Japan, and 5 of them were sold to a man from Middle East. But they are still far from reaching the 5000 units target, the 150-inch replacement seems to be a better and more logical choices over projector. Time will tell.


CES 2008: Samsung Series 4 & Series 5 3D-ready entry-level Plasma TVs

Samsung’s new entry-level plasma TVs, rather unimaginatively-named ‘Series 4’ and ‘Series 5’, may not be thirteen microns thick and 800-inches wide like some uber-displays we’ve seen at CES 2008, but they do boast the ability to display 3D video that previously you would only have found on a DLP HDTV.



CES 2008: APC AV’s C2 power filter discretely protects your flatscreen

It’s ironic that people are willing to spend so much money on high-end LCD and plasma TVs but then blanch at buying power regulating equipment that could save their screen in the event of a lightning storm or power surge.  APC AV are certainly taking the “but it looks ugly” argument out of the equation with their C2 Power Filter; while it might resemble little more than a black shoe-box, the fact that it’s merely two-inches deep means it can be sited behind a wall-mounted display.



CES 2008: LG unleash tidal wave of new TVs

It’s turning into a day of TVs at CES, but then I suppose for many people Sunday is the ideal time to slump in front of the box.  LG seem to be suggesting that you shouldn’t even leave the bed: their rather attractive LG40 “Bedroom TV” is 32-inches of HDTV goodness, with a side-loading DVD player and 12,000:1 contrast ratio.


CES 2008: Pioneer Project KURO is 9mm-thick plasma TV

Is a TV too thin when you can cut yourself on it?  We’re not quite at that stage yet, but Pioneer are getting there with their Project KURO plasma TV: at just 9mm deep it’s the thinnest yet.  They’ve also managed to achieve ‘extreme contrast’ – i.e. black sections of the screen emit no light whatsoever – and all in something a whopping 50-inches across.


CES 2008: Vizio unveil 50-inch 1080p Plasma TV with Silicon Optix HQV Processing

If you’re in the market for a new high-def TV then don’t be surprised if you’re magnetically drawn to CES over the next week or so – the place is simply heaving with high-definition sets.  Vizio is responsible for a lot of them, too; the company has launched seven new plasma TVs to join their flagship 50-inch VP504F complete with Silicon Optix HQV processing, including the 60-inch VP605F.  Both are 1080p capable.



Champions Tailgate Ford F150

So, what do you need to have the ultimate tailgating party? First you need a tailgate, well, I am pretty sure this Ford F-150 has that, so check.


LG 71-inch 24 Carat Gold TV Takes Decadence To New Heights

With LG’s 71-inch regular plasma going for around 28 grand, you can only imagine what a 24 Carat Gold version would go for. The best/worst part, that’s not the only thing LG has gone and coated in pure gold.

I guess this mammoth monitor is merely part of a set of subs, speakers, and DVD players that are all coated in gold. That single fact makes me wonder whether the chick standing next to it all is just a model or if she’s packing heat since a single item could probably net you a new car.


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