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Dell D620

Dell is expected to launch its D620 laptop soon. Sources from laptopmag.com mentioned that it would least run on Cure Duo and it will be slimmer than its predecessor and lighter too.

American Chopper PC

Out of the Box Computers, one of the PC case makers, have recently introduced the American Chopper line of computers. Pictured below is a MSI MEGA 865 system with a Pentium 4 processor. You can customise your PC specifications to your taste and the company will do the rest for you. These case mods don’t come cheap, the cheapest starts at about $1,400. So customise your heart out of it!

256MB Hello Kitty Thumb Drive from I-O Data

Fans of Hello Kitty now rejoice. Now you could store every memory and data on your tiny cute little Hello Kitty Thumb Drive. Theres a small keychain/neckstrap hole on the top of unit, so it would be handy for those who may tend to misplace it. No word on the unit, but expect it to run like a normal thumbdrive.

Memorex FlashDisc

Shaped like a frisbee, these FlashDisc only offers in a size of 16MB per piece! Though it is better in capacity than a floppy disc, it is nothing comparable to the bigger capacity thumbdrives these days. It retails $19.99 in Best Buy for 3 pieces, the same amount of money you can get a decent 512MB thumb drive or at least 2 pieces of 256MB drives. But these thumbdrives are babyproof, meaning it would be safe under babies hands.

Brain recognition software

This week in CeBIT, a group of German researchers demonstrated a brainwave-controlled interface that could help you type with your brain! The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface measures electrical signals from the brain using a electroencephalogram and converts them into computer use. There was a full working demo system in the CeBIT, which allows the BBCI to handle text documents, play games and much more.

Left handed MX610 Cordless Laser Mouse

There is already a right-handed version of the MX610 wireless laser mouse. Now to fill the gap, Logitech came out with the left handed version. Just like its right handed brother, Logitech’s precision laser tracking system, contoured thumb and pinky-finger grips and 10 navigational buttons, including e-mail and instant message notifications. The MX610 has a wireless range of up to 10 metres and also includes volume up, down and mute buttons for controlling music on the PC. The mouse is ready for release in early April , for a price of $59.99.

Plush iPod for your dog

Well dog owners, if you are into iPods, then your pets should get this. It’s an iPod plushie for dogs, it similar to the looks of an iPod, with the paw imprint on the scroll wheel. It doesn’t play MP3s, but it does gives squeaks. It retails for $10.50. Get one!

Voodoo’s Envy u:909 19 inch laptop

The Voodoo’s Envy:909 is a monster laptop, spotting a 19 inches of LCD display, 16 pounds of weight and its aout 5000 dollars. The laptop comes packing with all the goodies, such as an AMD Turion 64 processor, dual NVIDIA or ATI SLI cars, 8x speed dual layer slot-load DVD burner, 8 channel audio, subwoofer and a 4-in-1 card reader. This would be great if you have a great budget.

Waveon USB Dolby/DTS 7.1 Surround Headphones

Korean company Waveon is now shipping the AON MCH-501U, USB headphones that can handle Dolby and DTS 7.1 surround sound. It has USB connectivity and an in-line controller as well, so that you’ll be able to enjoy a full 7.1 environment without buying an expensive soundcard. It is estimated that the headunit sells for about $90 in Korea. No news for US release yet.

$99 Apple iPod leather case

In addition to the latest iPod Hi-Fi, Apple has also announced its own $99 leather iPod case. It’s just a basic leather case with the official Apple iPod emblazon. Well this case is definately for those who wants an all-Apple collection.

Mus2 Wireless Mouse

You’ve probably heard of the new Optimus OLED Keyboard from a famous Russian designer. Yeap, they came up with a sleek looking Mus2 mouse from Art Lebedev’s studio. It’s a two button mouse with a left and right-click button in vertical alignment. Mus2 does look like a mouse pointer in an operating system. It comes with a USB reeiver and it works for both Mac and Windows. Something fancy to be added on your table.

Sony NEC’s optical drive department merge

Sony and NEC has officially signed an agreement which would merge both of their optical drive businesses. With an agreement between Sony and NEC, each company will hold 55 / 45 percent respectively. The company would be named Sony NEC Optiarc Inc. and will be beginning to manufacture merged optical drives this spring.

Although it is known that Sony are supporters of the Blu-ray DVD format and the NEC supports the HD DVD format, they may both end up releasing optical drives that support both of them. So, lets see another great DVD drive out soon.

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