PCs and Mac

Fujitsu’s Creative UMPC Concept

Fujitsu is showing off its unique take on the UMPC at the Japanese Design Exhibition in Milan this week. It’s tiny and small enough to fit your pocket. The design of the UMPC does reminds you something like a Gamboy Advance SP, doesn’t it?

Apple allows its users to run Windows

Well, nothing much to comment about this, but we all know the latest Mac runs on Intel x86 type processors, so that means it would work for both Mac and Windows, its just great that Apple have implemented this idea now, just like how a PC would have a Linux and Windows bootup.

SideShow to be included in Windows Media Center remote controls

Microsoft will include its SideShow technology in its Windows Media Center remote controls. This allows users to visually access a PC’s electronic programming guide (EPG). It can be connected via WiFi, Bluetotoh, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Ethernet. Since Windows Vista is launching in 2007, this maybe another obsolete feature by then.

Sony SMU-WM1 Optical Mouse

The Sony SMU-WM1 Optical Mouse is able to open up to store the reception unit inside. It measures 58mm x 18mm x 86mm, weighs 70g, is powered by a single alkaline battery, and has a reception range of 1m. The SMU-WM10 comes in a variety of colors and will retail for $70.

Sega idog iPod

idog is Segatoys Japan’s all new 2005 high quality iPod speaker features 7 kinds of LED lights that flash in many different patterns when the music is played through idog. idog is capable of changing its feelings from happy to angry by moving the ears and rotating the head and by changing the color of the 7 LED lights. Available for $39 .

Logitech V400

Logitech’s all-terrain V400 mouse has a pair of lasers instead of the traditional single laser offers pixel-precise tracking on any surface by detecting microscopic surface variations. Similar to the Microsoft Notebook Wireless Mouse, tts 2.4GHz USB receiver can be packed inside the mouse itself when not in use. The tilting scroll wheel comes with zoom functions and forward/back buttons that are fully programmable. The V400 Dual Laser Notebook Mouse retails for $49.99.

Cute Speakers

The Furgles Softspeakers will spice up any dull workspace. These speakers remind you of Sesame Street. They stand 12″ tall and connect via USB or battery-powered amplifier. So, hide them, if there are kids around your place, cause its not going to be safe there without being taken.

Retro iPod

Worth 1000.com is having a contest to modify and display products in a vintage package or vice versa. This is how an retro iPod would look like. Take a look at the link here.

Royal EZVue Vista with SD Card Reader

This is a great invention that Royal has made. The EZVus features a small 2-line LCD screen, that scrolls the contents of the USB flash drive. This includes an SD reader, great for viewing images you have taken with a digital camera. So get this if you want to figure whats in it.

Hitachi’s theft deterrent projector

It’s just a normal projector from Hitachi, but the ED-X10 projector has heaps oof built in security features. It has a transistion detector that locks it if it’s moved. It can however been unlocked using a PIN nuber. If that’s not enough, it has a steel security bar, that lets you lock the thing down.

Casemods galore

I’ve visited this website and found out theres heaps of amazing casemods. Though this isn’t what we call a gadget, but homemade stuffs are way better than industrial made items. There’s a couple of real life dolls made into PC cases, to tiny little Atari like machines. Click here to view them.

Crystal Ball – look into technology

GIOOO is computer concept, shaped like a crystal ball. It displays the weather, current headline news and you could even check your email with it. With support of a projected laser keyboard, users can communincate via IM or Skype.You can access the menus and navigation by touching the globe. It also has a video camera , so that you can communicate with your buddies via the video chat.

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