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Navisis transforms LCD to TabletPC form

Navisis of Korea has developed the EZ-Canvas, espousing the very practical and original idea of turning the LCD into a Tablet screen, doing away with the need for a mouse in the process. Navigation is made via the stylus and the EZ Station. This development should come in handy for aspiring digital artists who want to make that leap from paper to a digital platform.

Hotplate doubles as USB hub

This USB Hotplate is no ordinary hotplate, it acts as a 4-port hub as well. For around $25, you can now keep your morning cup of joe warm beside your PC with the satisfying knowledge that you still have 4 other USB ports to plug in other inane gadgets.

BenQ BW1000 Triple Blu-ray Burner

The BW1000 Triple Blu-ray Burner from BenQ reads all Blu-ray disc formats. It offers 2X read and write in Serial ATA interface that caters for even the most data intensive operations. It comes with BenQ’s Write Right and SolidBurn technologies working in the background. Having a backup of your computer hard drive is now easier with this.

Space Cube – Smallest PC in the world

The “Space Cube” is currently the smallest PC in the world . It measures at 2.1″ x 2.1″ x 1.8″. Its hard drive is actually a 64MB SDRAM card, and it is equipped with a LAN port, USB connectivity, and a monitor connector as well. This pretty much looks like a the cube based MP3 player MOBIBLU Cube player, but its better.

Perific Ergonomic Mouse

The Perific Ergonomic Mouse is designed to reduce repetitive strain injuries by varying hand posture . It can be used as both a conventional desktop mouse and trackball, as well as a wireless pointer. Its two sets of left and right buttons and unique design allow it to be operated in multiple positions. It sales for $119, least something you wouldn’t pay to your doctor.

750GB hard drives by Seagate

Seagate has leaked its information on its new upcoming 750GB Barracuda drives. Available in both PATA and SATA configurations, these drives are based on new perpendicular recording technology ranging from 200GB to 750GB in capacity. The Barracuda 7200.10 ST3750640A (PATA) and the ST3750640SA (SATA) would most likely come in flavors of 8MB or 16MB cache and should be on sale this year.

Motorola’s Mesh Networking With 802.11s Standards-Ready MeshConnex(TM) Networking Technology

Motorola today announced that its proven MeshConnex networking technology will support the final 802.11s meshing standard being developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). Due to its
flexible architecture, Motorola customers will be able to configure their MeshConnex powered products to be compliant with the 802.11s standard via over-the-air software downloads.  Motorola’s MeshConnex technology powers a wide variety of the company’s products, including its Mesh Enabled Architecture (MEA(R)) and MOTOMESH(TM) multi-radio broadband systems.

When WiFi hot spots are “meshed,” they turn into a powerful, interconnected network that can blanket a campus, downtown or entire city with wireless broadband access. Mesh-enabled access points not only deliver WiFi to users, they also act as router/repeaters for other access points in the network. The result is a self-forming, self-healing wireless broadband cloud that reduces the cost of backhaul, deployment and system engineering.

Asus Lamborghini VX1

You have heard of the Acer-Ferrari laptop and a while ago, there were rumors of the Asus-Lamborghini tie up. So, right now, the decided to release the Asus VX1 notebook It has a Core Duo 2GHz T2500 processor, Intel’s 945PM chipset and the 3945ABG 802.11a/b/g WiFi adaptor, 1GB of 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM, a 120GB hard drive, a dual-layer DVD±R/RW optical unit, a 15″ (1400 x 1500 resolution) screen, the Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 256MB graphics card. Expect the VX1 to ship at the end of this month. No pricing for North America yet, but expect it to be really expensive.

Acer and Webaroo

A company called Webaroo is expected to annouce a deal with Acer to sell laptops preloaded with a snapshot of the internet, in its 40GB harddrive. The internet cache is stored in an offline search. I believe this idea is not that much useful, especially getting your hard drive stuffed with all the unwanted information, since we all have Internet connections all the time.

Lamp and computer together

V12 made this computer, that doubles as a basic table lamp. It’s kinda interesting, you would still wonder what is the hardware inside it. But it sure is more interesting than a micro hi-fi.

Kanguru’s 16GB,32GB and 64G Flash Drive Max

If you think a 2.5 inch hard disc with 60GB capacity isn’t small enough, try the Kanguru’s 64GB Flash drive max, for $2800. It runs on USB 2.0 interface and boasts a 9MB/sec read and 5/MB sec write speeds. There are smaller capacity models, 32GB and 16GB, for $1500 and $800. About $100 for 2GB, that must be pretty insane!

IOGear USB VoIP Skype Calling Kit

The USB VoIP Skype Calling Kit from IOGear features a dial pad, microphone, headset and two audio ports. The calling kit works as a USB hub as well, inclusive of six USB 2.0 ports. The recommended price for this calling kit is $69.95

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