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Free Skype

Skype customers could call other Skype customers anywhere in the world for free, or to make calls worldwide for very cheap. Hot on the heels of AOL’s AIM Phoneline Plan which gives you a free phone number to recieve calls (to your computer), Skype has gone one step further and is now allowing customers within the US & Canada to call to landlines within Canada and the US for Free!!! (via their original Skypeout feature)

Windows Media Player 11 Beta

Windows Media Player 11 Beta is available for download. It has a little more graphic side to it and easy drop down nav bars for you to rip, burn, and sync. You can also manage your pictures, videos, and recorded TV shows.

Market forces Dell to use AMD Processors

Dell is finally using AMD’s processors in a small segment of their offering. While it is true that the number of units shipped will be small the processors will be used in two of the most profitable segments: servers and high end gaming (via Alienware). Before this, Dell made a point of using a single provider for all their processors. It is fair to think that Intel was giving good discounts to Dell, but using a single provider can also have tremendous operational benefits because it simplifies the qualifications and testing process. What has fundamentally changed is that AMD is now a technology leader that simply produces processors with a very good value that even Dell can’t ignore.

The MacBook Has Arrived

The Macbook is recently launched and it comes in black. The specifications are not bad at all, and at similar configuration (1GB RAM, 100GB HDD, faster CPU), the MacBook actually costs less than a Sony Vaio SZ, the ultimate 13.3” reference on the PC side.

Toshiba’s 12.1-inch Tecra M6 Core Duo-powered laptop

The Toshiba Tecra M6 is available with either Celeron or Core Solo processors, the M6 seems like a slimmed-down version of the 14.1-inch M5 we spotted earlier this year, as the $1,059 base configuration only gives you 256MB of RAM, no WiFi, a 40GB hard drive, and that pokey 1.6GHz Celeron M. It costs a little over $1,600 to put together a decent system, which includes a 1.83GHz T2400 Core Duo chip, 1GB of RAM, 100GB HDD, 802.11a/b/g, and Bluetooth, but only integrated graphics and no DVD burner.

AMD launches Turion 64 X2 to fight Core Duo

AMD is jumping into the game with their new Turion 64 X2 chips. The chips range from 1.6GHz to 2.0GHz, and range in price from $184 to $354 in bulk purchases. Of course, it’s just not nice these days to call a chip by its clock speed, so the models go by names like TL-50 (1.6GHz), TL-56 (1.8GHz) and TL-60 (2.0GHz).

Virtual Assistant from NEC

Nec introduces a virtual assistant that -they think- will revolutionize how humans interact with electronic devices. The assistant looks like a virtual version of NEC’s PaReRo friendly robot. Nec’s goal is to use the assistant as the interface for all kinds of devices like PDA, Phone, GPS, you name it. The idea is simple: Nec thinks that it can simplify many tasks by letting the user interact with the assistant, rather than learning from scratch how to use a new device. Users will also be able to transport the assistant’s memory from one device to the other to avoid re-teaching each new device.

Skype for Mac

The first universal build of Skype for Mac was released recently.  Version now runs natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac computers, which boosts the performance of Skype.

The new version includes support for web presence, which allows you to showcase your online status on the web or in an email signature.  They claim to have more language support in other, newer releases to come.  This will expand the user base .

Antec NSK2400 Media Center PC Case

The NSK2400 case has an aluminum front plate, room for two optical drives, two hard drives and a micro-ATX motherboard. The unit is cooled with two 120mm fans, which might be overkill. I would be tempted to lower their speed or disconnect one to reduce the noise level. With Today’s technology, all of this could translate into a 1.5TB media center equipped with a dual-core CPU and 1 GB of RAM. Not bad to record TV shows and play MP3 files… Most media center case designs are either ugly or too expensive.

Ozone-Free Laser Printers from Kyocera

Kyocera’s new range of workgroup A4/A3 laser printers are ozone-free, embodying the company’s vision of low environmental impact products. This quartet of low-noise, monochrome laser printers are able to churn out 45 pages per minute at 1200 dpi, with double-sided/PC-less laser printing as well. It is made from Kyocera’s ECOSYS components for a low lifetime cost. It comes with an extra USB port that reads flash drives to print PDF files directly. A single toner provides up to 20,000 pages of printing.

Xbox accessories compatible with PC

Good news for those whose gaming platform of choice is the Xbox 360 and the PC! Microsoft announced that upcomung and current Xbox 360 wireless accessories such as the gamepad, steering wheel, and headset, will be compatible with Windows XP. Just download the proprietary wireless USB receiver and you’re good to go.

Mouse within a mouse

This World Cup 2006 USB Twin Mouse will be riding on the World Cup fever for sales, and the manufacturers have cleverly inserted a gimmick to boost sales – uncover the bottom of the mouse to reveal yet ANOTHER mouse within! This 800dpi USB optical mouse offers you the flexibility of choosing between a standard mouse and a mini mouse that is more suitable for travelers, depending on your desktop space.

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