CEDIA 2007 – Terra AC Series Speakers

The AC series of speakers are enclosed weather-proof speakers that are meant to be surface mounted to wherever you can stick them. The AC for all those who don’t know, stands for All Climate. The speakers are manufactured in one of the harshest climates in the US, Maine. So they can pretty much guarantee that they will work in any weather.

The speakers implement a Wide-Fi technology that allows one loudspeaker to output both channels of audio. Implementing multiple Wide-Fi speakers only increases the audio quality.


Super Sky Cycle kits to be manufactured, sold to consumers

I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy, however, I never have, nor will I likely ever assemble a craft that can I can either drive on the highway or fly. If you’re a braver soul than I, you might want to check out the Super Sky Cycle.


Surfango’s PowerKayaks Have Gas

Surfango’s version of a kayak is a large piece of buoyant plastic with a seat, gas tank, and four-stroke motor. Instantly you go from paddling all day to cross a lake to steering your gas powered kayak across the lake in a matter of minutes.


The Nightliner Flashlight – lets you see what’s coming

I am a little bit of a klutz and it usually ends up that when the sun goes down I get worse. This new Nightliner Flashlight is just the thing to keep you on your feet.


The Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium

If you’re looking for a better way to stare at the night sky, this Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium is just the way to do it. It not only allows you to get a closer look at things but by the click of a button it tells you what you’re looking at as well.


Prince 03 Speedport Tour – Swappable parts to improve your game

If there’s one sport that I’m absolutely terrible at, it’s tennis. While my golf skills may be lacking, I can at least make up for it by putting my putt-putt skills to work on the green. Tennis on the other hand, just doesn’t happen. If you’re good enough to hit the ball and actually make it land within the designated box, you might enjoy this new racket from Prince.


Beverage Buggy – For those lazy summer days

It’s summertime if you hadn’t noticed, and that means people are going to be spending a lot more time outdoors. At least those of use that can stand to be our of our dark rooms away from the computer for any length of time will be. The problem with the outdoors is that it’s so big, and that means you have to actually walk from place to place to get things like drinks. That is unless you have a Beverage Buggy.


The Umbrella Fan keeps you cool in the summer heat

With summer only getting hotter sometimes sitting in the shade just isn’t enough to keep you cool. The Summer Blast Umbrella Fan is just the thing to keep you from overheating.


Di Blasi brings their Motorized Folding Trike to the US

I’m sure that many of you have seen Transformers by now, and if you have, just about anything that transforms will seem pretty cool. Here’s a Trike from Di Blasi that while it may not transform into a super-intelligent robot, it does fold up so it can fit in tight spaces. Very cool for those low on storage space.


The Waboba Ball – bounces on water

I’d thought that long ago I’d reached the age where a simple ball could entertain me for hours. After all, a ball is a ball, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. However, the Waboba Ball does something that most balls don’t.

Video after the jump.


The Wind Up LED Camp Light

Tired of buying those giant batteries for your lantern when you head off to go camping? This Wind Up LED Camplight is a much more convenient way to head off into the great outdoors.


The Solar Frog Light just glows with class

I don’t know when exactly it is the frogs became the anointed stoner mascot, but somehow it happened. For some reason even though this frog was not meant to be perceived in that light, it definitely looks like the hippie frogs that don’t want to go way.


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