FreePlay Companion Power Source

FreePlay Companion Power Source

All in one devices seem to be prevalent today. Not to be outdone by gadget consolidation, Freeplay Energy has launched and all in one power source called the Freeplay Companion.

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The Disintegrator Rubber Band Gun

My brother and I tended to have all kinds of battles, usually involving Super Soakers, Nerf guns and the occasional rubber band gun. That is until one of us got mad or injured. Thankfully, my eye seems to have healed very well since they replaced it with this shiny new one. As a fully mature and responsible adult, I would still kick my brother’s ass if given the chance. Which makes me drool with envy over a rubber band gun that could propel 288 rubber bands in his general direction.


CES 2008: Garmin Forerunner 405 Watch

Garmin showed off it’s Forerunner 405 watch and I must say it’s pretty awesome, and coming from someone who hates watches that’s saying something. Since it’s from Garmin, it is, of course, GPS enabled but it also has a lot of other good features like speed, distance and heart rate track.


The Oxygenating Watering Can

When someone says they are watering the plants, that could mean any number of things. Generally for me it means a miracle has occurred and I’ve remembered to actually water them. That also means I’m watering dried up dead plants. However, for some it is a much more religious act. For those that like keeping their plants pampered this Oxygenating Watering Can is just the thing to keep you plants looking healthy.


Solar powered Christmas lights alleviate wiring issues

I’m sure one or more of you have covered a tree or some other fixture in your yard with Christmas lights only to realize that you now have to run an ugly extension cord all the way out to them. Well, with these lights you won’t have that problem as they are solar powered.


Sun Table forces you outside

For those that enjoy the great outdoors while trying to work on their laptop, this solar table is just the way to save on that energy bill. Now anyone can take one look at my pasty white skin and know that it is highly unlikely that I’ll be toting my laptop out into the dreaded sunlight. However, I can appreciate the gesture of creating a table to make the world a greener place.


The Ride – It’s retro and new all at once

Even though I’ve not been on a bike in years I’d still like have one again. However, my “adult and sophisticated” self wouldn’t settle for just any old ordinary bike. No, I want my bike to special and maybe have some sort link to the 1400’s.


Barrel Sauna – A steamy backyard retreat

On my list of “Things I want when I make it big” you’ll find ‘Sauna’ towards the top. There isn’t much that’s more refreshing than a steam bath, in my opinion.

Calloway Woodworks knows and understands this desire. They’ve got an Outdoor Barrel Sauna for around $4500-$6670. I don’t think that’s a bad price at all. I may even afford one before I make it big.


Cal Flame U8000 brings the home theater outside

Alright, so I know its not barbeque season anywhere within the US, but for something like this, you better plan ahead as I would assume its not cheap. It’s a pop-up TV with a 4.1 sound system all built into what looks like a set of steps.


The Intelligent Lantern – Smart and Functional

Camping is something my whole family really enjoys. The best part being all the nifty gadgets you can buy to make your ‘back to the basics’ vacation not so basic after all.

The Intelligent Lantern would be one such gadget. It’s equipped with a digital clock, speakers, radio and an mp3 hookup. Not to mention its primary function… its light can be seen from over a mile away with its ‘dual articulating lanterns’.

This is definitely my kind of lantern. Not only does it serve its purpose but cuts down on space and equipment by serving several other purposes as well. If you know any camping enthusiasts you may want to add the Intelligent Lantern to your shopping list.

An Unexpected Convergence Device: The Lantern [via Crave]

Bodygard Self-Powered Emergency Tool – Your own personal bodyguard

If you’re the type outdoors type of person then you’re sure to have many tools and kits handy no matter what may occur on your outings. You know you have to be prepared and that’s what sets you aside from ‘city folk’. This item may be something for you.


Lex uses your bike to deliver your message to everyone around you

One of my favorite past times is riding my bike. I don’t do it nearly as much as I once did, and I’m actually a bit sorry for that. There’s just something relaxing about taking off down a country road that just can’t be duplicated. I can honestly say at no time did I ever consider using my bike wheels to display some type of message to passerbys.


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