The Firewinder Outdoor Light runs off the wind

There are quite a few solar powered items out now, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. Well now you can stand out from your neighbors and have this wind powered one.


The LED Bench seems a bit pointless

Add this one to the section of random devices now with added LED lights. I’m not entirely sure it was necessary but I suppose it does look cool.

The bench is obviously weather resistant, so you can use it both indoors and out. It glows either one color or you can program it to change between several colors.

It’s supposed to be relaxing or something along those lines. This 95w bench is made by a German company and to find out more on pricing you’ll have to actually contact them (which is never good news).

The Suunto Lumi watch comes equipped with barometer

This chic little watch looks like it’d be sporting the bare minimum on extra features and is just meant to be cute. However, it actually is featuring more extras than the bulky watches usually meant for the outdoorsy types.


The 360 Skateboard and the Streetcarver update the classic skateboard

Skateboards haven’t seen a lot of changes in recent years. Essentially they are still a plank of wood with wheels and a pretty design slapped on. At some point you have to update these things.


The Green Machine H2O for drive by dousing

As a kid I was always tagging along with my slightly younger brother. That typically meant that I didn’t play with Barbies much, I had a big wheel and massive squirt guns as well as a few toy cars and some Ninja Turtles action figures. The best was always the squirt guns, although eventually it ended with one of us just making a break for it and grabbing the hose.


The BirdXPeller Pro Bird Repeller

I have over time, become a bit of a night owl, I tend to stay up almost all night. Which means I typically fall asleep to the sounds of birds chirping outside of my window. Some might find this soothing, but me, I’d like to get rid of them all. This gadget is perfect for just that.

No, it doesn’t kill all birds or anything equally horrifying. It merely repels birds by emitting different noises. Using varying sounds that make them believe a predator is about it will scare off birds within one acre of this fascinating little contraption.


The Sense Light Swing glows in the night

With spring finally here and summer soon to come, kids will be making their way outdoors once again. Well, hopefully there will be at least a couple that still play on those low tech swings. Either way, even if the swing has become almost archaic at least you can get a slightly more updated version.


Shark attacks a shark repelling gadget

I currently live smack dab in the Midwest, putting me too far away from the ocean to care about sharks. My biggest concern is dodging raccoons and deer on the road. For me taking a dip in the ocean and thinking about sharks is slightly nerve wrecking, not that it would stop me. However, anyone who lives close to the ocean probably knows that the odds of a shark attack are very low.


Outdoor Home Theater fit for a king

This house/outdoor home theater was designed for Hagy Belzberg by a 13-member design team that’s employed by the agency of the same name. I’d say they hit the ultimate home theater right on the nose.


Velocity Wirless Speakers go anywhere you go

You know those days when you’re chilling out in the wind and the rain and you’re wishing you had some mood music to perfect the moment? Well, wish granted, the Velocity wireless speaker system is weather resistant so it can go with you always.


JCB Toughphone is tough to look at

I usually try not to make snap decisions. I like to give things a chance to be horrible before I deem them so, however I can’t not call this phone ugly. There is not a feature in the world that would talk me into carrying the JCB Toughphone around.


The Limited Edition Love Tub

Valentine’s Day is coming up, some are excited about it, others loath it. However, like it or not, you can still drool over the lavish Valentine’s Day inspired gifts. This hot tub may not sparkle like the much sought after jewelry, but it would definitely keep you warm through the end of winter and all the way through spring as well.


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