SlashGear Week in Review – Week 35 2009

Another week has come and gone leaving us with memories and a hoard of cool stories to throw your way for weekend reading in case you missed them over the week. An Asus 900HA netbook was hacked into a touchscreen slate on Monday and we really liked it. DIY gear is so cool, especially when it turns out this good. Monday also brought some details on the Blackberry Storm 2 piezo touchscreen tech. We really hope its better than the original Storm.


Mac OSX Snow Leopard Review

Mac OSX Snow Leopard Review

Ask any Mac owner and they'll likely tell you the Apple allure is a game of two halves: the reassuring hardware and the slick, consistent OS. Apple is finally delivering their latest version of OS X, v10.6 Snow Leopard, adding a new coat of polish to the company's software prowess. SlashGear has been testing out Snow Leopard over the past few weeks, and we've found that perhaps its most satisfying aspect is that it upgrades things both visibly and less obviously, rather than one or the other. After the cut, why 64-bit matters, how Apple have streamlined the way you interact with your data, and why Snow Leopard might just be the bargain of the year.

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