Mike touches up the OQO Model 02

I think I’m getting a little bit of a crush on Mike Cane.  He comes across all grumpy and belligerent at first, and then you see a glimmer of childish glee such as in this post where he describes fondling an OQO Model 02.  Now that’s news in itself, of course, as it’s a rare beastie and is yet to hit the mainstream review circuit.

Mike is keen to point out that his isn’t a review, just an act of pre-emptive and spontaneous molestation; nonetheless, the keyboard gets a rave report while the screen-slide is a potential concern (already feeling wobbly and flimsy in its movement).  Oh, and he also comments on some odd font treatment it looks like the OQO boys might’ve done, which have added up to fuzzy, bold-looking text.

Would he buy one?  Well, there was no price there and Mike prefers his passive touchscreens rather than active ones, he’d go for the Model 02 over a Sony UX.  Interesting stuff.

OQO Model 02 Fondle [Mike Cane’s Blog]

OQO Model 2 gets more EV-DO options

Vincent got a bit light-headed when he saw the OQO Model 2, and there’s no doubting that it looks like it could be the perfect machine for the mobile warrior.  The convenience of a UMPC with the benefit of a slide-out keyboard for pecking out the odd email makes for a heady combination.

Well, I fear he may just wet himself with excitement when he hears that OQO have announced integrated WWAN courtesy of Verizon’s EV-DO network in the US.  No more tethering to your cellphone or hoping to step inside the comforting warmth of a WiFi cloud; just whip the Model 2 out and get online straight away.


OQO model 02: First images and Video walkthrough

I had an “oh my god” reaction when I was shown OQO’s latest portable PC, earlier today. From what I was told (watch video) this new version is a big improvement over the previous two editions. It features a much more usable QWERTY keyboard featuring integrated trackball, mouse buttons, up/down/left/right scroll on the lower left of the device. There’s also really cool docking station (watch video). It sports Windows Vista or Window XP.

[flv]https://www.slashgear.com/videos/oqov2slashgear.flv[/flv]Video – Part 1
[flv]https://www.slashgear.com/videos/oqo2part2.flv[/flv]Video – Part 2

Here’s the kicker…it features Bluetooth, WiFi, 1GB of RAM, 1.5GHz VIA C7M ULV processor and Sprint Revision 0. EV-DO. There’s also an HDMI-DVI adapter that’s included in the package.
There are three models available, the good ($1499), the better ($1699) and the best ($1849).

I want to thank our new friend Dean at The Mercury News for taking the time to show me the new OQO. NOTE that no embargo was broken because it was lifted at 6:30PM PST on Jan 7, 2007.


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