Dell XPS M1530 – Thin and quite attractive

Imagine the XPS M1330, but about 2 inches larger in the diagonal, that’s pretty much what this laptop is. It has nVidia graphics, but to 256MB video ram, and the option for a Blu-Ray drive and HDMI out. It has Bluetooth, and WiFi N.

It offers up dual core processors from Intel, a card reader, a slim remote that stows away in the ExpressCard slot, HD display choices to get the most out of your media, a 2MP web cam, a fingerprint scanner, and low-pro optical drives featuring either Blu-Ray or a DVD-burner. You get your choice of 3 colors, Crimson Red, Tuxedo Black, or Alpine White too.


Ion V2000 Computer Case is the DIY version of the all in one PC

Dell ripped off the form factor an now you can too! Just, whatever you do, don’t call it the ONE, I am sure even you, a simple civilian, can come up with your own unique name. Anyways, it’s a do it yourselfer’s dream, you can build your computer how you want it inside this case and it’s an all in one PC with monitor and all.

It comes with the 19” monitor you see in the picture, an 8-in-one card reader, and a 2 way speaker. There is also a separate power supply for the monitor, and there is a 350 watt power supply, built into the case there is one optical drive bay, a pair of USB ports, a firewire port, and mic and line out jacks.


Alienware Area 51 M9750 review – Media powerhouse

An Alienware computer is a mythical beast. Ever since Alienware started making computers in 1996, gamers and power hungry PC addicts have drooled over their speed, processing power, and overall design. This is the first time I’ve ever spent more than a couple hours with an Alienware machine, so I wasn’t truly privy to the finer points of an Alienware. All I can really say is that I’ve never been so impressed with the performance of a notebook computer.


Samsung NV11 – the digital camera for the traditionalist

Are you, or someone you know afraid of losing the old Minolta or Pentax film camera they are holding onto? Well, chances are you won’t be able to convince them to ditch them completely, film can still do some amazing things that digital can’t, but this digital camera might make them feel familiar enough to start using digital.

It really looks almost exactly like the Pentax I have sitting on my desk, it has the mode selector wheel, the big, boxy body, and it looks like it even has the winder, albeit with a button on top of it, so its probably not functional, but it looks almost exactly the same. It has a 2.7-inch LCD on the back that is surrounded by 13 multi-mode buttons for navigating features, menu’s, etc.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 – the ugly friend with a great personality

Sure, you could go out and by a 7 or 8 megapixel cam with a mere 3x zoom made by some knockoff optics company that’s paper thin and comes in 50 different colors. Or, you could do the smart thing and go with the fat ugly friend with a far better personality, such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3.

You don’t believe it has a great personality? Check out the Lieca 28mm wide lens that offers up 10x optical zoom.


Rumor: Apple entering ultra-portable fray again

AppleInsider is at it again pushing their theory of an ultra-portable MacBook configuration. They first predicted it would come shortly after the release of Leopard, now they are pushing that back to MacWorld in January.

They reckon the ultra-portable will lose its optical drive, be smaller than the 15” MBP and at least 50% lighter than the same. On top of that they say it will utilize NAND flash storage in the form of an SSD drive and it will use and LED backlit LCD, both of those primarily to save battery life and improve boot times.


Kodak EasyShare V1253

This camera is pretty amazing for a point and shoot, it cranks out 12 megapixels, that’s pretty good even by DSLR standards. But there aren’t interchangeable lenses, and this thing only has a 3x optical zoom, all that hype for such a let down.

Sure you can record video in 720p and take 12MP stills, but in order to view them on your TV you either have to offload them to an HD optical format for viewing on an HD optical disc player, or you have to buy one of their docks. There is also a 3.1-inch LCD on the back, with reportedly easy to navigate features and menus.


Two largest manufacturers of optical drives to quit making CD-ROM and CD-RW drives

HLDS (Hitachi-LG Data Storage) and TSST (Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology) are soon to cease manufacturing of both CD-ROM and CD-RW drives. Not too big of a surprise since the last time I went shopping for computer parts I could have gotten one of each for less that $40.

Basically what it comes down to is the fact that all the new DVD burners are so close to the price of a new CD burner, and do the same thing and more, that they aren’t selling very many, roughly 5% of their shipments right now, and they expect it to be less by the end of the year. So if you were a big fan of those optical drives, my condolences go out to you.


Set up your own Blu-Ray factory

DVD pirates take note!  Optical media duplication specialists Disc Makers have launched ReflexBlu, a standalone Blu-Ray drive capable of burning multiple discs simultaneously.  Of course, SlashGear in no way condones copyright theft – remember, kids, Steven Spielberg deserves money too – so legitimate uses for this stack of burners could include making copies of your holiday movies, copies of CCTV footage from a camera in an owl hut, or copies of that Christmas morning when you thought you were getting a PS3 but in fact got a George Foreman grill.



Genius Navigator 380

The triple-threat Genius Navigator 380, is a combination VOIP phone, instant-messaging device, and a 1200dpi optical mouse all wrapped into a clamshell. For travelers always on the go, this compact device packs in all the functions without giving you the extra baggage.

When the clamshell is closed for use as a mouse, the VOIP function still works and will alert you of incoming calls either by ringing or flashing of its LED light. It also supports up to six instant messengers (Skype, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, QQ, and AIM) simultaneously in one window. The unit is currently being released in India.

La Feel Optical Mouse Wants To Control

The La Feel Optical Mouse attempts to integrate various multimedia controls that you normally find integrated on keyboards on to an average-sized mouse. These controls include a four-way scroll wheel, internet forward and backward buttons, play, pause, and volume keys, and forward/backward music track keys.

However, the ergonomics of the La Feel Optical Mouse appears to be just as awkward as its name. All the buttons are situated right where the center of your palm usually rests, making it difficult to operate the add-on buttons while your hand is in the proper mouse-handling position. This 800dpi mouse comes in blue and red.

LaFeel Multimedia Mouse, a MX610 Clone? [Via: EverythingUSB]

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