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Spy pen comes with Shredder

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to a secret message visible only by ultra violet light and then after words needed get rid of the evidence, but there wasn’t a convenient way to fully destroy said evidence so you had to eat it instead? Me too, I hate it when that happens. Anyway, now there is a pen that can help all us out in those hard times.


Hello Kitty – Has the Cat Gone too Far?

I never gave Hello Kitty much thought before today, but after what I’ve seen I must admit I’m a little afraid. Hello Kitty is slowly but surely taking over the world.

It started innocently enough, I’m sure, with DVD’s, clothes, etc… and even this item, the Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires, aren’t that bad. They have the cutesy little kitten’s face imprinted in the tread so wherever you go, Hello Kitty goes too. You can buy them for $20-$25 a piece. To be honest, I passed this item up my first time through. It was the next item that really caught my attention.


Dr. Who Gadgets – Sonic Screwdriver and R/C K9

I’m a big Dr. Who fan, so when I saw these items you can imagine my excitement. The Dr. Who R/C K9 and Sonic Screwdriver are the perfect gift for the Dr. Who buff in your life.

The R/C K9 Robot Dog is a throwback to the original series which came out in the 70’s. He was in a more recent episode so anyone who follows only the new series will recognize him. He speaks 7 different phrases and can move forwards and backwards and do turns. He also as an expendable Nose Blaster along with a few other tricks and surprises. K9 can be yours for just $59.99.


USB Toys – Homer Simpson Lamp and Hub

I don’t know anyone who can claim to be just “a Simpsons fan”, when it comes that family you’re either a fanatic or clueless. These two Simpsons themed USB toys are just the things to perk up your desk with the Springfield charm.


AntWorks Habitat

An ant farm is one of those childhood experiences that I never had, Sea Monkeys of course, but no ants. Lucky for me I now live next to a farm who introduced ants into their crop to keep other pests away and many of them find their way into my house. For those of you who are not as lucky as me there is the AntWorks.

Based on a NASA experiment this habitat makes ants cool in a way they never could be. It’s nutritious, yet homey, gel will satisfy all your ants needs, food and shelter. It comes complete with a LED illuminator and comes in blue or red. Each habitat comes with a magnifying glass, an ant catching/tunnel starting tool and an instruction booklet.


Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain – just when you thought FedEx was Santa

If you, like me, have held on to the near-Christmas like event that getting something wrapped in bubble wrap is, well its just gotten that much better. Sure, the tactile feedback isn’t quite the same in an electronic version, but I have a feeling it will be equally pleasurable.

It’s also a bit of a stress reliever. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll have a new means of annoying those around you, but it will be right on your keychain? I love it.


The Exploding Piggy Bank

If you’re one that has a hard time saving those pennies this little bomb might help you out a bit. The bank isn’t just in the shape of a time bomb, it is one, and if you don’t pay up it explodes.


The Bog Monster to scare the piss out of your friends

Although it might be a little late for most to run out to the stores and snag a few more Halloween decorations before Wednesday, you could however snag them on discount the day after. For yet another cheap laugh get yourself one of these Bog Monsters.

The Bog Monster suction cups under the seat and inside the lid. Just don’t put one of these in the toilet during a drunken party, otherwise, you might notice the next day that your little monster smells a bit like urine.


Cardboy CMYK ink cartridges

Mark James made these Cardboy CMYK ink cartridges that appear to have legs, arms, and eyes. That’s because they aren’t really ink cartridges, they are just little figurines that look like it.

For the nerd that gets cubicle-sick. Not really, they are pretty cool looking though.


The Ghost Finder Camera

If you’re looking for a bit of Halloween fun and a few pranks along the way, horribly juvenile ones of course. You’ll likely need a few new props to start the season off, you might give this Ghost Finder Camera a whirl.


The Anti-Ticket Donut for those sticky situations

Have a tendency to get pulled over for speeding, or whatever your typical traffic violation is? Well this intensely high-tech solution is designed to at least get you out of that nasty ticket.


Kurt Cobain Electronic Action Figure

Have an inkling for collecting figurines of rockstars that have died and gone years ago? Well then you may want to check out this Kurt Cobain 18 inch Electronic Action Figure.


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