odd toys

A tiny TV just for her dollhouse

Dollhouses are one of those things that even with the progression of technology many girls still love them. I still remember when my Dad bought me actual working lights for mine, I was completely mesmerized by technology making its way into my unwired wooden toy. For the record, even though that comment makes me sound old, I swear I’m still in my twenties.


Chinese Voice Changing Telephone

I guess that’s the official U.S. product title, anyways, it’s a standard telephone that has voice changing capabilities built right in. There is no need to go buy a separate box to change your voice, and that way it’s harder for the police to figure out what’s going on when they raid your house.


OTTO Sound Amplifier

I’m fond of white noise, in fact, I’m quite dependent on it because silence bothers me. I feel a whole lot better about that fact now that I’ve seen the OTTO sound amplifier… I’m not the only one out there who feels this way.


Flying Stick Cam Looks as silly as it sounds

I’m reminded of a flying fairy doll my little sister had as a child every time I look at the Flying Stick Cam. The idea behind is moderately cool but the design falls completely flat, in my opinion.


EyeClops Portable Microscope

If you’re into creepy crawlies or even just taking a better look at the things around you then you need look no further than the EyeClops. The Jakks Pacific EyeClops BioniCam is a portable microscope with some extra special features.


Breakfast on the Go with Bikefast

I don’t really eat breakfast because I sleep until eleven most days but I remember when I was in school and it was the most important meal of the day. I don’t recall ever skipping on breakfast because it’s not hard to walk, ride a bike, or bus while eating a Poptart but I could see how some people might have a dilemma.


Hello Kitty Scales and Phone Holder – More controlling HK toys

She just doesn’t quite. Hello Kitty is determined; I’ll give her that. She won’t stop at tires and toilets, she wont even bat a whisker at robotics and cookware. She is a nonstop, take it all machine.


Metal Detecting Car – Turn your kids into beach bums early

I’ve always wanted a metal detector; the problem with owning one comes when other people around you have them too. No one wants to share their space, god forbid you find their buried treasure! If only there was a way to hide your metal detecting ways…


Power House – Learning to “Go Green” before your teens

In our environmentally conscious society we need to start teaching kids the importance of doing their own part to ease the damage we’ve wrought upon ourselves and them. What better way to do that than make the lesson into a fun project you could all share?


Buy Your Kids a Porsche…Bobsled

It’s that time of year, the snow is coming and there’s no stopping it. That is, unless you live in some year round warm little place of heavenly sunshine. For adults the snow can be burdening and troublesome, but for kids it’s well… a winter wonderland.

The people of Porsche have designed a new sledge that’s good for kids and class. The Porshe Kinderbob comes with a silver base and red details. You’ll get handbars for a safe grip, damping, metal runners and even a horn! Those others kids with their wimpy plastic roll up sleds better watch out!


Tiny Toys Shopping Guide – Nightmare Before Christmas Little Taps and ChoroQ Qsteer R/C Racer

I’m not sure what the worlds obsession is with picturing things next to coins. I get that’s small when you use words like little, mini, tiny and micro… no visual necessary, but that’s just me. Anyway, here are two tiny toys that are just a bit bigger than a quarter, enjoy.

First up we have Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas, now he’s not the only character this toy comes in but with the season so close he’s the featured toy right now. This Little Taps toy will sing and dance to songs from the show and should come across any other Little Taps they all interconnect and will sing and dance together. You can pick up Jack for just $14.99.


Mini Weapons – Miniature Bazooka and Samurai Weapons

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: Girls love miniature things. However, this is one mini set I’d stay away from when picking out something for your sweetie, unless your sweetie is me, cause I think these are great!

If you love weapons and Halo 3 just isn’t enough of a fix for you, you might stop buy ThinkGeek and pick up one or both of these miniature weapons sets. The bazooka sets are a 1/6th scale replicas of a Panzer Faust3, RPG-7, FIM-43, M20A1, and SA-18. Each set ($8.99) only lets you pick out two, so you may end up with doubles of one when you buy the complete series. Each bazooka comes with its own stand for maximum display-ability.


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